About Sunil Grover, Movies, Qualification, TV Show

About Sunil Grover; 50-50 Doctor of Hospital Famous Gulati Mystery. And Rinku Sister-in-law (whose laughs do not love them). These are the amazing comic character of the three TV histories. Banda behind these characters is even more amazing. You are aware of the bandage. Name Sunil Grover Which levels are actors, have shown everyone in their last shows, films, and series.

About Sunil Grover
About Sunil Grover

Movies of Sunil Grover

When Sunil, who laughed at the TV, was scared of Gurupal in ‘Tandav’, then people realize their range. By the way, they had to get them in ‘Gabbar’s Back’ from their small rolls.
Recently, Sunil Grover appeared in the lead role in Zee 5 film ‘Sunflower’. Sunil, who started with three seconds in a TV show, has been full of fluctuations so far. When Sunil was ‘Sonu’ on August 3, 1977, he was born in a small village of Haryana. Since childhood, there were a number of film techs.

Qualification of Sunil Grover

Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh were getting bigger. And they were dreaming to be as soon as they were. When Sunil was in the ninth class, his father began to send him to learn to play tabla. Tabla, poor Sunil could not learn much but the sun has experienced, who came in the future. And coming. When Sunil grew up, the desire to connect with the film line-theater expressed ahead of Dad. Although the answer to this question in the normally small towns comes. But Sunil’s father wanted to become a radio prize meter, but he did not let him go with his father. He did not want him to be, his son That’s why he allowed it. Taking the Masters degree in Punjab University Theater,

# Jaspal Bhatti has the first chance to do theater in the college,

As a good actor of Sunil became a recognition. Sunil Discover the first Discover Marhoom Funnar Jaspal Bhatti. Jaspal Ji’s show was shooting for ‘Full Tension’. An actor was needed for a role. Jaspal ji said to Sunil. Seeing good acting of Sunil, he later rolled Sunil in ‘Full Tension’. Remembering Sunil Bhatti Saab, say that whenever he used to talk to him, he used to find a disappointment in his voice. Because Sunil did not reach that time where he wanted to see them.

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After so many years, when the industry recognized their talent, Jaspal Ji is not in this world. Sunil says he missed his advice, his blessings, and his amazing humor. In the first episode of Sonu-Gaya Sonu’s’ Full Tension’, Sunil’s role was filled. But it was the 90s. It was a big deal to come on TV. So the whole family was notified. Sunil’s episode was to be telecast on the day of New Year. Sunil’s role was ‘Blink and Miss’. They come ‘hoods, the hoods’ come and run away.

Sunil Grover
Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover on TV

On TV, Sunil alias Sonu on TV, one hour before telecast time, all the TVs were frozen. Sunil’s mum was also called to see TV debut. The show started and passed. But Sunil’s scene did not come. Waiting for the Guest of Honor Mami Ji was thirsty. In the kitchen, he was drinking water. Sunil’s scene came on TV. All shouting ‘A Sonu came’, but until Mami Ji escaped, Sunil’s scene was gone. During college, it was a big deal to work in the film Jaspal Bhatti show with Ajay Devgan. Because of which Sunil’s counting was started as a good actor in Chandigarh and especially in his college. One day the film has been shooting in the village near Chandigarh. The film was Ajay-Kajol starrer ‘love was to be’. The need for a comic role was needed. The thing reached the flying Sunil.

Sunil Grover in Comedy night with Kapil

The next moment was Sunil standing at the shooting location. Director Anis Buzzi called Sunil and said to the Act. Sunil showed the act. Anis liked to work and gave Sunil a roll of Tattaram. In 2013, when Sunil became popular with ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, then people remembered ‘Hey are the same. Sunil came to Mumbai by finishing the college of ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’ in the affair. Looking for work There were living in a room in the same way. Find work all day long, then make food, wash clothes, this routine. During this time, the audition of ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’ was running. Sunil thought if the film got the roll, then stay at a very hot hotel. Clothes will also be found.

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Sunil Grover as Gutthi

The best thing to relax will be to enjoy the sitting room service in your room. Giving the audition reached A flirtation revolutionary Jaydev Kapoor got the roll. The roll was small but Sunil had got the same excuse in the hotel. Son said, do not make the girl ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, along with Kapil, there was a turning point in the life of Sunil Grover. The role of ‘Gutthi’ was quite popular. But Sunil’s son Mohan did not look good in the role of ‘Gutthi’. Actually, a mischievous child spins Mohan while playing Mohan, while playing in the park, “then the girl becomes a girl ‘. Poor Mohan became depressed. And the house reached Sunil ‘Do not make Papa Girl’.

Sunil Grover and Mohan

Sunil was surprised that what happened suddenly. On asking Mohan did not say anything. The next day Mohan’s caretaker said that in fact, when he took Mohan in the park, a boy had taught Mohan. Listen to this, Sunil smiled. Going inside, wearing a great ‘Flashi’, and took Mohan to the mall. At that time, ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ was going on top. So Sunil got a crowd between him and the sailing of the self-suffixed. Sunil told Mohan, look at how much love they get due to your papa. How much happiness is on the face of the other? After that day Mohan also started his father as a knot.