About Us

About Us

Fun138 is a Professional Multi Blogging Platform. Here we will provide you with only interesting content, which you will like very much. We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Multi Blogging, with a focus on dependability and Latest News updates, Esports Updates, Education News, Job Recruitments, etc. We’re working to turn our passion for Multi Blogging into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Multi Blogging as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Fun138 is an idea/startup which came into the picture from a small incident. The day when we are looking for some technology updates regarding the top 5 best smartphones for BGMI players. But we were not satisfied with the search. After that, we “Team of Official Panda”, started working on the idea to create our own website which is for every type of audience and living in any part of the world. Once, we have a full blueprint of what we are going to do or how we will do it. Started the main Project i.e., the development of the Fun138.org Website.

We are still working on improving ours in terms of speed, quality, and mostly in a user-friendly interface. Also, we welcome the ideas from our viewers also and provide the opportunity to subscribe to our website and contact us to be part of Fun138 which stands for First Universal Newspaper.

To reach out to our Support team you can send an email to our Official e-mail id- [email protected]. We will reach out as soon as we get a response from you.

About Us: Let’s Meet Our Fun138 Team Now

Fun138 meet our team

The best team we have and we are working together to achieve our goals together from a single platform that is Fun138.org (First Universal Newspaper).

  • Deepika Gautam (Founder)

Deepika Gautam, the Brain behind this wonderful site idea. Deepika started her journey through a small blog, where she used to cover Health-related Topics and aware people of their daily diet and how they can live a Healthy Life.

After successfully running a blog, she decided to move her idea to a Multi-blogging platform, which can help users to know things not only about their health issues also can find other information on the same platform by clicking on a different category according to their interest. And this idea is now known as Fun138.org ( First Universal Newspaper ).

  • Rishab (Co-Founder/ HR )

As we know without HR, an organization can’t be complete. So, we have Rishab who is best in his business as Co-Founder and Human Resource manager. He took care of all the Hiring process and Resource management things which help our organization to run smoothly. Rishab is also a Gaming freak and Technical expert in the area of Cloud and Storage. If you want to reach out to him directly you can contact him also using this email:

  • Rishi ( Seo Expert and Decision-maker )

Seo Experts are the backbone of any blogging website, without them, it’s difficult for us to rank in google. So we have two experts in our team who took care of all these things and keep Fun138, optimized in terms of on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO.

Rishi is one of them and he is really a hard-working guy and we are really lucky to have such a member of our small team. He is passionate about gaming and is also a Professional Singer and Lyricist. Soon we will find him rocking youtube and getting viral on social media platforms.

  • Dyno ( Seo Expert and Youtuber )

Dyno, from the name it must be clear to all of you that this guy must be a Gamer. And, yes your guess is 100% correct. Dyno is a gamer who loves to take down enemies with a single shot. No matter if he has R1897 (aka Desi Katta) or PAN in his hand while looting in School Apartments.

If you are a gamer then you already understand that what I am talking about, if not let me help you to clarify that. I am talking about the most beloved game BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) also, in Fun138.org you will find every small detail about this game like new tips and tricks, Redeem codes, and most importantly latest leaks and updates.

Dyno, also run a channel with his friends and play online games and share daily updates. If you really love gaming must give him a shoutout by subscribing to his channel:

  • Abhishek ( Website Designer & Developer )

Abhishek, the initial hand to make this website running and daily working on the backend to keep this site alive and active (24*7). By Profession, Abhishek is a backend developer who has vast knowledge in CSS coding and database management tools. So, to have such tech guys for a new website like Fun138.org is really a special thing. By Hobby, Abhishek is Rider and Online Gamers.

  • GA Studio Team ( Developers & SEO Experts )

Here comes The GA Studio, already working on multiple sites and all clients are happy with our support and services for which we have committed to them. We are responsible to design and developing Fun138.org, not from the initial state as Abhishek has already done a lot of work from his end. But still, we had a few words to make this website complete and running.

Fun138.org is an old domain, so keeping all its things on the same platform and giving it a new look is quite Difficult but not for GA Studio.

Our whole GA developers team belongs from different parts of India. Most of us are well know developers, few are Online gamers, and few love outdoor games. And, this you can feel in our content which we publish on our website Fun138. Most of our team loves to play eSports games and adventure games in their free time.

To get in touch with us you can reach out to [email protected]. We will love to give a real picture of your ideas and dreams also.

We will keep posting more important posts on Fun138.org for all of you. Please give your support and love.

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