Airport-Like Feeling Will Come At The Railway Station

“Airport-like feeling will come at the railway station”, After reading this the airport-like feeling at the railway station, all of you must be thinking that we are talking about which railway station.

Where the airport-like feeling comes. Also, you must be thinking that why are we talking about airport feelings. So let’s know which is the railway station in which the airport-like feeling can come.

Airport-Like Feeling
Airport-Like Feeling

The World-Class Railway station Habibganj will know as Rani Kamlapati Railway Station Habibganj. Now the name of this railway station is changing, to Rani Kamalapati Railway Station Habibganj.

Tomorrow, on November 15, the program for the inauguration of Rani Kamalapati Railway Station Habibganj has been kept. In which our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji will be in Chief guest.

Rani Kamalapati Railway Station is one of the largest and most beautiful railway stations of Madhya Pradesh(MP). This railway station is so big, that it has a seating arrangement of about two thousand people at a time.

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The seating arrangement at Rani Kamalapati Railway Station is almost the same as that of the airport. That’s why the reason we can say feeling like Airport in this railway station.

Rani Kamlapati Railway Station

PM Modi will Be Present For Opening

Hon’ble Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modiji will be present at Habib Ganj to inaugurate Rani Kamalapati Railway Station Habibganj. Narendra Modiji will reach Habib Ganj on 15th November to inaugurate this railway station.

If the Prime Minister himself will be coming to open the Kamlapati Railway station Habibganj, then you can guess from this. That there will be something special in that railway station. And this railway station can be special for some reasons. That the passenger should not face any kind of trouble.

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Security cameras will Install every Phase in Railway Station

CCTV cameras have been installed in every phase of the Rani Kamalapati Railway Station For the safety of all passengers. Some digital panels have been installed at some distance away for all the passengers to see the timings of the train and also see their trains number.

This railway station has many more facilities for all passengers like modern toilets, museums, and gaming zones, etc. will also be available. Also, a lot of care has been taken for the cleanliness of the railway station. You will not find any place in this station where there is no cleanliness.

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