Antim: The Final Truth, Salman Khan’s Film Review

This is a dialogue between a criminal and a policeman. If you have seen the trailer of Salman Khan’s film ‘Antim: The Final Truth’, then you will understand who is a criminal here and who is a policeman.

A Marathi film came in 2018. There too, the same conversation takes place between the policeman and the criminal.

Antim: The Final Truth

Mulshi Pattern and Salman Khan Films

That film was ‘Mulshi Pattern. Salman Khan is now bringing its Hindi remake. In the name of ‘last’. Accordingly, ‘Antim’ should not be called ‘The Salman Khan Film’, but will be called. Before this brother’s fans got angry with us, we tell the reason for saying so. In ‘Antim’, Salman Bhai has become a policeman.

And if you watch the trailer, you will find that the policeman and the criminal have got equal footage there. Meaning ‘Mulshi Pattern’ is not just a story of a chase between a policeman and a criminal. Then what is the ‘Mulshi Pattern’ about, now we will talk about it.

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Rahulya’s story

Final: The Final Truth will hit theaters on November 26. Before this Hindi film came, we saw ‘Mulshi Pattern. So that we can tell you about the factors where Salman Khan’s film can lag behind, as well as the things that it can do better than the original.

But the film does not try to worship him in any way. In fact, our culture has an age-old tradition of idealizing criminals. The film works to break that illusion. It shows that the sooner a person reaches the top in the wrong ways.

Much sooner than that, he reaches literally upstairs. We all like the violent nature of negative characters, not being bound by their rules. The film also talks about such blind hero grooming. Rahulya’s toxic masculinity, how it prevents him from becoming a common man.


Rahulya and her girlfriend

At one place in the film, Rahulya’s family members insult him and throw him out of the house. His eyes are moist when he comes out of the gate. An army of his men is gathered outside. So suddenly he puts glasses on his eyes.

Then he runs away and reaches a washroom. Locking himself inside starts crying out loud. Then one of his companions knocks on the gate and tells him to be quiet, otherwise, the boys will listen. Hearing this, he pulls the paper from the roll of toilet paper and stuffs it in his mouth. Fear of the world and all the money, still no solitude to cry.

Rahulya gives more examples of the toxic masculinity we call ‘Be a Man’. Like goes to his girlfriend’s father in a scene. to talk about his own marriage. The girl’s father refuses. On which Rahul’s ego gets a big blow. Finding nothing else to say, he says in front of everyone that your daughter slept with me. And starts laughing and laughing.

As if this is a joke topic. Or by which the character of the girl will fall short in front of him. After that, annoyed, the girl pushes him out. One cannot be made a man by showing violence or by asserting his control over the girl. I wish Arjun and Kabir could also understand this. Not the ZNMD ones, the other ones.

Antim: The Final Truth and Naseeruddin Shah

‘Mulshi Pattern’ is Rahulya’s film, not Vitthal’s. This ‘last’ thing seems to be forgotten. Seeing the trailer, it seems that Salman Khan will get as much footage as Aayush Sharma. This may have been done to make the film a celebrant, but in doing so, the story should not be left behind.

Om Bhutkar has played the role of Rahulya in the film. He has won the National Award in his childhood For his film ‘Chhota Sipahi’. Apart from this, he also acted in critically acclaimed films like ‘Nude’ and ‘Leth Joshi’.

The Final Truth

In the first half of ‘Mulshi Pattern’, Om’s parts do not have many screaming, screaming scenes. For whom Naseeruddin Shah has said that this is not the only acting. That’s correct. That’s why Om saves his range for the second half.

Where many emotional scenes came in his part and he kept himself under control without going over the top. Ayush is going to prove to be a big challenge in ‘Antiam’. Because every scene of his will be compared to Om.

Antim : The final truth and Salman’s Radhe

From the point of view of cinema, ‘Mulshi Pattern’ is not a great film. Just this is an entertaining film which is conscious about its subject. However, there are flaws here too. Like the climax of the film. Which we will not spoil. You yourself watch the film on ZEE5, you will understand.  Praveen himself has also played a small role in the film. Before this, you have also seen him in Salman’s ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’.

If the film had some drawbacks, then there were more plus points than that. I really liked the transitions of the film. Like in one scene, Rahulya acts strangely, on which it was natural for the people standing in front of him to laugh. Then the cut happens and we go into the flashback. Where some random man is laughing out loud.

Antim: The final truth and Conclusion

There are more such examples. Like when Rahulya is running away from the goons and sees his girlfriend going on a bike. She disappears in smoke. Then comes the cut, and in the flashback, we get introduced to the girl.

The first glimpse of which we see from the middle of the smoke. If ‘Antim’ turns out to be a faithful adaptation of this film, then it will emerge as a successful film. And can also give Ayush a big breakthrough in his career.

But if it was sold only in the name of Salman Khan’s film, then it is difficult to say anything. ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ will hit theaters on November 26. Till then you can stream ‘Mulshi Pattern’ on Zee5.

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