Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Jyoti Guleria

Sunshine Beaming Through Your Windows

SUNSHINE BEAMING THROUGH YOUR WINDOWS!!!!!!!!! "RAINBOWS APPEAR AFTER A STORM." Raindrops in the sky act like millions of tiny prisms, scattering the sunlight into its "SEVEN COLORS." "BEST HAS YET TO COME." When Conditions are just right, We are over the...

How To Overcome Anxiety?

How to Overcome Anxiety?: OHHH!!!!!!!!!! Are u looking for some shortcuts, or for some magic that vanishes all your problems and your anxiety fly? If yes, then sorry to say, (There is no shortcut in life). Everyone is having...

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One Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings

One Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings:  So do you dread meetings? Well, remember meetings and conferences put you in...
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