Best Apps for Healthy Living 2021

Best Apps for Healthy Living 2021: Best apps for health and fitness are the apps we are going to be talking about today.

Many people use them personally every day. They have become a big part of their routine and each and every one of them has helped them to improve their overall health.

So, In today’s article, we are going to be going over the best 7 apps. Will tell you about them, what you will like about them how you will use them.

All the apps we are going to talk about today are available on both Android and Apple. In case you are wondering I am a proud Android user.

Some of the apps we are talking about today are free and some of them are paid so we will cover all of that as far as we go through.

List of Best Apps for Healthy Living 2021

Best Apps for Healthy Living 2021
Best Apps for Healthy Living 2021

1. Zero

Zero is the first app I am going to talk about today. This app is called zero fasting tracker and it is an intermittent fasting tracking app. It is a free app to download news but there is a paid version with some additional features that are 17 dollars a month. Most of the person use the free version because they don’t really see a need to upgrade to the premium app

The app has four main tools:

A passing timer where you can set your fasting goal and see how far into that goal you have gotten there is a section called learn where you can read articles and research on fasting.

That it sticks where you can get an overview of your fasting history. You can also keep track of your weight and measurements and then there is a journal, yeah you can take notes about how you felt during your fast.

2. Simple Habit

Simple habit is a meditation app that many people use every single day. It is free to download and use. But the free version you don’t get access to the full meditation library you have to upgrade to premium for that and a premium membership cost $12 per month.

Reason to use this app:
  • Stress management
  • Gratitude
  • Became more present
  • Focus on productivity

3. Elevate

This is a fun one. Elevate is a brain training app that has a free version and a paid version for $5 per month. Elevate is made to help you improve your reading writing and maps skill through over 35 games. Every day it has a daily training for you made up of Five games you play the games you get a score.

The games will get progressively more difficult based on your result the first season I like this App is that the game is fun I love word puzzles and things of that sort.

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4. Strava

Strava is kind of like a social media app for fitness. It’s free to download the app and to create an account but there is an option to upgrade to a premium account for 7 dollars a month. It’s mainly geared at endurance workouts.

You can track your bike ride for your run Straight from the app or you can upload a workout from another tracking device or app you use it measures your speed your heart rate if you have a monitor your elevation etc.

One of the coolest things about it is the segment feature. People can create segments on the map and if you run or bike on the segment you can see how your time compares to others. This pushes you to want to get faster and motivates you. You can also plan and map out your roots for yourself.

5. Sleep Cycle

This app can be beneficial for lots of people. Right now this app is totally free. This app is a sleep tracking app that does not require a wearable device you have your phone next to your bed plugged in and the sleep cycle used sound analysis to identify sleep States.

The most adorable function of this app is the alarm. You can set an approximate time that you want to wake up and it will sound the alarm sometime during that period. When you are in your lightest face of sleep waking up during light sleep will give you the advantage of being more energetic and alert.

When you wake up during deep sleep this is when you can feel groggy and want to roll back over after pressing the snooze button.

6. Aura

This is another sleep tracker but the thing here is the app is it’s totally free. But you do have to you have the device and the aura ring carries a pretty steep price tag.

The gist of it is aura ring is a, sleep tracking device you wear on your finger. This really accurately tracks not only your sleep cycles but your heart rate, your variability, your movement, your body temperature, and more, and even though this one isn’t just an app, it’s an app and device.

7. Whoop

Whoop once again this isn’t just an app it’s an app and a wearable device but Unlike the ordering. The device is actually free and you just have to pay for the subscription for the app and the subscription is $24 per month.

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