Best Masala Dosa Recipe to Make at Home

Best Masala Dosa Recipe: Masala dosa is a South Indian dish. A dosa is a thin crepe prepared from a fermented batter of rice and dal. It is served with chutneys and sambhar. It is popular in south India and it can be found in all other parts of the country.

Its style of preparation varies from city to city. There are variations in dosa like Mysore masala dosa, Rava dosa, onion masala dosa, paper masala dosa, cheese dosa, etc.

Masala dosa is stuffed dosa. The two parts are the Dosa and the stuffing. The way of making dosa is usual that as soaking rice and dal overnight in water and then grinding it to a fine batter. The batter is fermented overnight to make the dosa soft from the inside and crispy from the outside.

Masala Dosa Recipe
Best Masala Dosa Recipe

Ingredients for Masala Dosa Batter:

  • Rice
  • Poha/puffed rice
  • Chana dal/urad dal
  • Mathi dana

Ingredients for Stuffing

  • Oil
  • Mustard seeds
  • Salt
  • Boiled potatoes
  •  Onion
  • Curry leaves
  • Turmeric powder

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Recipe to Make Best Dosa at Home:

Step1. Take 1 cup of rice, 1cup of poha, 1 cup of dal, methi dana and soak them in water overnight.

Step2. The next day take them out and friend them all together and convert them into a fine thick paste.

Step3. Now Cover the batter and leave it for rest for 6-8 hours for fermentation.

Now your batter is ready to make crispy dosas.

So, take a nonstick pan, heat it up and put 1 tsp of ghee. Now take some batter and spread it all over the pan.
Now cook it on low flame until the color turns golden. And It’s 1 side gets to cook.

Now it is ready to serve.

Recipient to Make Masala or Stuffing for Dosa.

Step1. Heat the pan. Now put some oil into it.

Step2. Put mustard seeds and fry them, now put curry leaves and fry them too.

Step3. Put finely chopped onions into the pan and cook them until they turn golden, then add some green chilies.

Step4. Put mashed potatoes into the pan, now add turmeric powder and salt into the pan and mix properly.

Let it cook for 2 minutes and now your Masala is ready to serve with your crispy dosa.

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