Best Online Google Certified Courses : Expert Opinion

Best Online Google Certified Courses: Google is the most prestigious company on the globe. It is used widely by the people but now they also offer some programs and certifications for the development and exploration of students and professionals.

These courses add value to the portfolio of students plus they will teach you the phenomena of the subject and the actual face value of you.

Best Online Google Certified Courses
Best Online Google Certified Courses

They provide you with knowledge with industry experience without any hectic. There are many courses in various fields and also have experienced instructors and reasonable rates of the courses. They add huge brand value to your CV and Resume.

Best Online Google Certified Courses

Now it’s time for the list of Best Online Google Certified Courses which you should do for the betterment of your career. We will provide a handful of information so read this blog till last to get full of it.

Google Project Management

This course is with Coursera. This course is for beginners to get full flash knowledge in six months and can get entry-level jobs under the domain of Project Management. It’s a very handful course for Management view.

This course was online and had cost about 40 dollars per month. This course is self-paced and has a lot of assessments to know the understanding of the student. It is of about 140 hours of videos.


  • For beginners Or for freshers
  • Offers valuable certificate


  • Only available in the English Language
  • Length, of course, is quite big

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course is one of the best free Digital Marketing programs offered by Google. This is totally and provides basic knowledge of the concept. If you wanna make your career in this then it is a must-do course for everyone. There are about 40 hours with 26 modules to do and cover all the basics very technically.


  • It is Self-paced
  • Unlimited login period


  • Only in English
  • Basic to the topic

Google Analytics

This course is for beginner and intermediate level people and provides analytical knowledge to the course takers. This is all free to access. This adds skills and branding to the student badge. It takes about 5-8 hours to get it done. If you want to earn the certificate for the same, you must have full fulfilled the percent scoring criteria in every assessment.


  • Well experienced Instructors
  • Google Analytics Help Access


  • Not comprehensive
  • Not too interactive

These three courses are the most accessed ones with a high student ratio. You should do these to dominate your field. This is all about the Best Online Google Certified Courses.

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