BGMI Upgradable Boat Skin | 1.7 Update BGMI |

BGMI Upgradable Boat Skin | 1.7 Update BGMI | :-  In this update BGMI is coming with upgradable boat skin. This new update is coming with various excitements. In this  Halloween week, lots of excitement are there. In the recent time Dussehra event what’s there in the game. Many of the players aaega for this 1.7 update.

You guys always hear about upgradable car skin, upgradable gun skin but we we don’t hear about upgradable boat skin. So be ready for this new upgradable boat skin in BGMI 1.7 update. Lots of people are very curious about this upgradable boat skin. You will see this boat skin in both PUBG as well as BGMI. Game for peace has launched new ad about this upgradeable boat skin. You can get a brief about this in the article further. So if you guys want to know more about this read the complete article.

BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin
BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

First View of BGMI Upgradable Boat Skin

In the first look of this upgradable boat skin, we can see three models. The stock skin we see is usual and look very good. The most important thing is that you can upgrade the skin. As this 1.7 new update come with the upgradable board skin so you guys can easily update it.

The first upgrade you can do with your bhoot is with the exhaust. From the exhaust you can see the blue flame coming out of it. This blue film gives the feeling of nitro boat. Yes you are absolutely right we are seeing all these kind of features for the first time in BGMI. Introducing such kind of updates is something best BGMI could do. As soon as you will press the boost button this flames will come out of the exhaust.

The second upgrade you can do with your boat is something like an ornament. This is something like a balloon are basically like a drone. You can hang this on your boat. Preferably in first look this looks odd but it is looking good also. So many people can like it also.

The third upgrade you can do is with your front part of boat. When you update the level of the front part of boat it looks very elegant. It acquires and aerodynamic shape as well as you can see e something like machine and structure below it. So this upgrade looks very good people will love this shape. Including this update it provides more stability to the boat.

The fourth thing which you can add in your upgrade is that side exhaust. This side exhaust is coming from both of the side. You guys will have an exhaust at the right side and other at the left side. There will be a one kind of flame coming out from it. Most of the people feel like the exhaust of the aeroplanes. This is one of the basic and good feature of the boat. Many people will love this. Driving this boat with all this 3 flames will just boom.

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BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

Colour Combinations of Upgradable Boat Skin

The first colour combination rather than default is in the pink colour. As per our ideas this colour is included specially for the girls as the number of girls playing BGMI is increasing. This colour comes with its different attributes. The flame coming out of the exhaust of this boat has some another shape. The ornament or balloon looks like an octopus.

The second colour combination rather than default is kind of b and w. It’s not absolutely black and white but kind of black and white. The flame coming out of the exhaust of this skin in news very simple look. With the film coming out of this exhaust the boat look rich. The balloon or an ornament which is coming with the boat in the skin look likes the fin of shark. For instance it is giving the blue shark feature. This boat is going to create different fan base with the side exhaust. You guys will really love to enjoy the ride with this boat. Please tell us in the comments section which feature of this upgradable boat you like the most. Enjoy gaming with this upgradable boat 1.7 BGMI Update.

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