BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration: Get Free Car Skins

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration: So guys BGMI is again there with the new collaboration. BGMI keeps collaborating with various firms for their promotions. Koenigsegg is a car, this time BGMI is collaborating with them. As this time BGMI is collaborating with the car company we can two skins of the car arriving at the game.

One of the skins of the car is off the Koenigsegg Jesko and another one is Koenigsegg Gemera. Generally, all the players love the car skins, as both cars are sporty in look players may love them. Many of the players already know about this collaboration and they are eager for the new skins arriving in BGMI.

BGMI x Koenigsegg Collaboration

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration

As these two cars are coming, we will get brief information about the skills which are arriving at BGMI. Dacia is the skin for the new car which will be representing Koenigsegg Jesko. In the first look, this skin looks elegant. Players who love the cars will definitely gonna of fall in love again. It’s absolutely sexy kind of car.

The interior of the car comes with some kind of yellow and black versatile combination. This combination is going to bang in the interior of the car. The features of the interior of the car look bold with yellow and black. The dashboard combination will be also yellow and black.

As this is a sporty car the sound of this car is going to have a different boom with it. For Instance, as this is a sports car, This car can speed up to 150 km per hour. The speed and sound combination or other don’t match each other.

Mythic is also one of the skin which is available in Koenigsegg Gemera, my quiz this one will not also be representing Jesko. The most interesting thing that players will like in this car is the golden rims of the car. This Golden dream gives a royal feel to the car. The skin is coming with a rainbow color combination. The interior of this car will be e in the red and black combination. The red and black combination looks bloody and deadly also. All these features are the same as the first one.

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Koenigsegg: Silver in Gemera


This clean is for the players who don’t like simple colors. This will be coming in matt silver. The looks of these cars are kind of Sporty + formal. It is not having that much color so it looks simple but elegant.

BGMI: Skins in Jesko

Jesko is having three kinds of skin, in the place of Dacia, Dawn will be there. Then both mythic and Silver will be the same in Jesko also.  In the Dawn skin, the interior is totally different from the Dacia. The one thing we would like to appreciate about Jesko is the sound. It’s quite sound like the flame bruster.

The India of this card is not that good not having the multi-color combinations. Skilling all the skins in Jesko looks pretty. So this was all about the new collaboration and the skills which are arriving in BGMI.

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