Business Model of T20 World Cup

The business model of the T20 World cup.How these matches make money. Even after losing the match how was the team able to make good money? What are the sources of money? In this article, you will know the business model of the T20 world cup and its earning source.

Sources of Money of T20 World Cup

Have you ever think who makes more money a losing team, a winning team, a country where teams play, or the organizers. Actually, the match is played on prize money that would be given to the winning team.

There are multiple sources of money in the 20-20 world cup. Moreover out of 12 matches even a team wins a single match that team would be also given money. All expenses are borne by ICC.

T20 World Cup

It includes all expenses from the salary of Empire to the commentator. The very first source of money for ICC is TV broadcasts. ICC gives permission to swimming channels for which it charges money. And the next source of money is sponsors.

You have seen a number of sponsors in the ICC match. They are categorised in the global, category, and social media partners in the 2021 world cup. But how much money it makes, is not available in public.

The Hosting Country of 2021 World Cup

The country where all matches are played chance good money by tourism. Many foreigners came to see the match, the shops, restaurants, and hotels makes good money in the ICC tournaments.

All these things impact the economy positively and help in growth and development. It also shows the stability of the country and many investors invest in the hosting country.

Expenses in 2021 T20 Tournament

T20 World Cup

There are also many expenses for hosting a country. One of the expenses is tax exemption. In T20 World Cup, the hosting country has to give tax exemptions to ICC. Because the revenue that the hosting country’s government earns in 20-20 World Cup is more than the tax, they may get.

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Twenty-20 World Cup Model

ICC tries to secure tax exemptions. Even it is not compulsory to exempt tax for any country in T20 World Cup. But it is preferable by the ICC in T20 World Cup. In India BCCI governing body of Indian cricket.

ICC gives some part of the revenue to BCCI. Like ICC, BCCI also has huge money from sponsors. According to a report BCCI earned only 15 million dollars from this 20-20 World Cup.

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BCCI and ICC in T20 Official Tournaments

To get the broadcast right the measured channel known as Star sports gave huge money to BCCI. And the online streaming partner is Disney Plus Hotstar. So how do they make money in T20 World Cup? The sources of revenue are nearly the same for them also. It earns money from sponsors.

In an entire match, the ad is run for 2700 seconds for which they are paid. According to a report for every 10 seconds, the rate of ads shown is 10 lakh. And if any company wants to co-present T20 World Cup they have to pay 50-60 crores rupees.

And for associate sponsorship, a company has to pay 30-40 crore rupees. On an estimate, broadcaster earns ad revenue of 1,200 crores rupees. But if you see in IPL there are 300 seconds of the ad running in between the matches.

This also shows that broadcasting IPL is more profitable than the T20 World Cup for broadcasters. And these all are the business model of the t20 world cup.

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