Byju’s Scam: What’s Wrong With Byju’s and Unknown Facts Now

Byju’s Scam: The Popular ed-tech company is well known as Byju’s scam. What’s wrong with byju’s. Let’s see how it is making huge profits and a large number of acquisitions. What is the business model of byju’s. Most importantly the toxic sales culture. Also, we will tell you unknown facts about Byju’s.

Byju's Scam
Byju’s Scam

Byju’s Scam: The Business Model of Byju’s

The ed-tech company in India has been flourishing for a long time due to various reasons. For example, due to the rise in internet penetration. But one factor that caused the fortunes of the sector to change completely was the covid-19 pandemic. This growth meant that the daily average time that we spend on byju’s app, increased from 70 minutes pre-lockdown to 91 minutes during the lockdown. This is why byju’s become one of the world’s top 10 education app downloaded during the lockdown. But Byju’s is no longer a local player, it has now become a global player.

For instance, in 2019 byju’s acquired the US-based educational game system Osmo for $120 million. Unicorns are those companies that have a valuation of more than 1 billion USD. And now byju’s is no longer a unicorn, its valuation now is $16.5 billion.

This happened because the world’s biggest investors have invested in byju’s. This money has enabled byju’s to acquire several other companies. For example, byju’s has spent more than $2 billion on acquisitions over the span of the last 6 months. In fact when byju’s acquired the great learning in July for 600 million dollars.

Byju’s Scam: Important Factor that you must know About It

A joke made quite the round on social media if you want to make quick money just start discussing a math problem with one of your friends on zoom call. In a few minutes, by juice would even acquire the two of you. While this domination could have been achieved due to a superior product.

But byju’s super-fast growth has also been achieved by many unethical business practices. And such practices are not too rare in ed-tech companies. Despite many controversies, white hat junior got acquired by another company for 300 million dollars. The company is byju’s also the problem which caused by third junior to be embroiled in controversies. We can also see in business practices of byju’s.

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Byju’s Scam

Toxic Sales Culture

Toxic sales culture in the company is an example of Anushka. In this case, a sales executive tried to sell its subscription fees of Rs120000. For this he tried to give a very easy question first then a difficult question. All these things were Pre-trained by the company. And in the end, he was successful to sell Rs12000 worth of subscriptions. It depends on your economic status according to which sales pitch changes.

Misleading Marketing

Byju’s and other ed-tech companies use several misleading marketing strategies. For example, white hat junior that was recently bought by byju’s for example white hat junior that was recently bought by byju’s. It claims that even at space tech.

Solutions What we can do

One way of solving the problem is by improving private input into the educational curriculum. But this is just one solution. The problem of education in India is quite complex. We need more of both quality institutions as well as vocational centers. And all of this will not happen overnight.

We can only hope that our government addresses this problem because if changes are not brought to our education system then families like Anushka who dream about their child bringing future will get exploited by several companies. Now rise of digital education in India was believed to have ensured that everyone has the same chance of success.

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