Delhi Air Quality Index and Polluted River Yamuna

As usual, after Diwali Delhi Air Quality Index is at its worst. Problems arise for the Chhath Puja devotee. A vicious circle for the Delhi public. Yamuna River’s bad quality water with foam in Delhi due to bad air quality index. Students got stuck. Also, let’s go through some suggestions.


Delhi Air Quality Index (AQI)

Every year Diwali comes and brings pollution. But the Delhi public has to bear more than any other state. Delhi is a metropolitan city with having a large number of vehicles running on the road, crackers bursting in huge amounts.

On 7 November 2021, the Air Quality Index was 428 which came under the server category. Also on 8 November 2021, it was 384. This shows the situation of Delhi after Diwali.

Chhath Puja devotee and Delhi pollution

Chhath puja, the well-known festival of Bihar. Like every year, this year also devotees of chhath puja will reach the river and celebrate the festival. There is a significance of dipping into the river of chhath Puja festival.

Last year chhath Puja festival was not celebrated outside the home because of covid-19. But this year even covid-19 cases goes down Delhi CM Kejriwal not allowed to celebrate it outside the home and in the river. Anyhow if CM allows then the problem arises. That people even can’t do chhath puja in a polluted river.

Polluted River Yamuna

The Yamuna, the famous river of India situated in Delhi is now so polluted. According to a report, it is due to the increase in the level of some harmful gases and toxic substances like phosphate. Even the residents living around the Yamuna river are bound to use it. Surprisingly many people are drinking water for the last few years.

One of the residents says that people use to wash clothes and bath which forms foam in the river. The report of CPCB says that Delhi AQI still stands up more than 400, consider as severe.

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The Delhi Air Quality Index

Delhi: Air Quality Index and Schools

Delhi school has recently opened. But in this worst scenario, students have to go to school. The situation is like this where breathing is difficult. Some days before there is a problem of dengue cases and now the bad AQI. Many have advised closing the schools for some days.

How to reduce pollution or improve AQI

Delhi is a metropolitan city since a large population uses their own vehicle. It creates high-risk air pollution. At our own level, we can do many things to reduce pollution or improve AQI. One should try to use public transport instead of their own.

Even try to prefer pedestrians or use a cycle for a short distance. Stop burning garbage and advise others not to do the same. Try to prevent landfill fires. At last, try to use an inverter for power backup instead of petrol or diesel.

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