Digital Privacy: Sushhhh! Your Phone is Listening to You!

Is Instagram trying to sell cases for your phone? Is your phone’s privacy secure? Everything you need to know about this spammy mindreading or digital privacy.

35$? Am I so Dodgy?

Firstly, we use the internet to know the score of today’s IPL match, to check out iPhone 13 updates, to attend classes, to work, to cook, to know medicine for covid, etc. In this rapidly growing world,  the internet and data are inevitable. If people are present, data is present.

As data is ubiquitous and almost every human on Earth uses it, have you ever wondered about the price of your data? Some experts say that an average adult’s data is 35$/month. As everything is digitalized, we lose track of what we say to applications we use. And that is how digital platforms have our hands tied. Securing our data from online predators is getting difficult day by day.

Do things end up owning us as Tyler Durden says?

Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club is full of life-changing lessons. What are the chances that David Fincher predicted digital privacy in 1999? Sounds mint, eh? Yeah, it is true to some extent. The legendary director didn’t predict the future for real, but one of the protagonist’s dialogues makes things worthy of a second thought.

We all get spam, messages and advertisements do not mutate to become spam when they reach us, they are labeled as spam only when we find them unnecessary. Most of the time, these spam wannabes turn up to be triumphant as we buy things we don’t want. If you have ever got spam, all your fingers should point at the internet.

Digital privacy


Are There Any Steps at All to Ensure Digital Privacy?

Most importantly, neglecting the usage of simple tools and just being ignorant can sow the seeds of irrevocable devastation. We cannot blame somebody for eavesdropping when we are conversing so loud. Here are some steps that might help to ensure digital privacy.

  • The internet might be the place where your data is at stake, but it does provide masks that let you travel the world from where you are at incognito. You got it! An incognito tab does not eat away cookies thus your privacy is safe online.
  • Preventing is way too easier than curing. It is suggested that you protect gadgets using efficient anti-virus software. Anti-virus software does its job, guarding your digital space 24/7 just like pathogens in our body.
  • Keeping your social media fam updated on everything that happens in your life steals away your privacy without even your notice. Your online privacy is well-protected when your data is limited.
  • Turning off cookies and microphones can help save some data.

What can you do About Digital Privacy?

In conclusion, we own our narrative. It is not what others choose to hear it is what we choose to say. As a result, being digital-appropriate is in our hands and it depends on us. We should avoid using third-party applications and lousy websites.

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