DU College Re-Opening: Guidelines for Reopening Colleges

Good news for all DU students. DU is planning to re-open college. They are planning to re-open after Diwali.

Vice-Chancellor on DU Re-opening

After long patience finally, DU is planning to re-open colleges. Teachers as well as students both are very kindly waiting for re-open colleges. There were many meetings held to discuss on Re-opening of colleges. Vice-Chancellor of DU Yogesh Singh says we are planning to re-open college very soon after Diwali.

DU College Re-Opening

Colleges Re-Opening in Phase Manner

Now let us understand how DU is planning to re-opening colleges. After numerous meetings, DU is planning to re-open colleges in a phased manner. There will be phases in which college students have to come accordingly. It may be re-open colleges from 8 am to 6 pm. There will be proper instructions. Also, code and conduct are to be followed by students.

To maintain social distancing and all. DU is planning to avoid crowding. In DU we know that there is a lot of crowds. So to reduce the crowd DU decides to increase college opening timings. Also, DU Chancellor says that we are also waiting for Diwali. If the situation remains the same after Diwali also we will go ahead with this.

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Problems for Students and Teachers

DU College Re-Opening

DU has said many times before that they are going to re-open colleges. But they didn’t. Now the teachers as well students went on strike outside the DU colleges. The Strick agenda is to re-open colleges as soon as possible. Because teachers as well students both face many problems in online mode classes.

Even many reports say that it is not much feasible for students and teachers. They are doing this strick very patiently. But more concerning thing is that there will be an Exam in December. In DU students were given holidays before exams for their preparations. And the exam will start from the second week of December. So if there will an exam preparation break how DU will reopen the colleges after Diwali. It will be useless to reopen colleges.

Moreover, DU has to inform ten days prior about the Re-opening of colleges. But if they planning to open it after Diwali, it means there is no sense to reopen. Another concern of students is to hold exams in online mode rather than taking them offline.

The proper guidelines will be published soon. Some days before DU even reopened colleges for laboratory students and also for practicals for final year students. Also, it was reopened for all streams of colleges.

Let us see what will happen.

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