e-Shram Portal of Government

e-Shram Portal of Government- You will remember those pictures of the lockdown imposed during the Corona epidemic.When helpless migrant laborers were walking for thousands of kilometers.

When the Parliament session started after the lockdown, let’s know more about the e-Shram portal of the government.

E-Sharm Portal of Government
E-Sharm Portal of Government

Government and Supreme Court on e-Shram

There was a lot of uproar about it, the matter escalated and then the opposition asked the government that how many people have lost their jobs due to the Corona epidemic? The government had no answer to this.

The matter reached the Supreme Court, the court reprimanded the government for this. In June 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the government to prepare the data of laborers. Then the court says that the registration of workers should be completed by the month of December. After this, on 26 August 2021, the Government of India launched the e-Shram (e-SHRAM) portal. It decides to register the workers of the unorganized sector under this portal.

According to the government figures so far, about 8.78 crore workers have registered on the e-Shram portal. But it is still far away from the government’s target i.e. registration of 38 crore workers. On hearing the figure of ’38 crore’, a question arises that how did the government finally reach this figure? That is, how did he come to know that there are 38 crore laborers in the unorganized sector of the country? Let us try to understand whether this figure of the government is correct?

e-Shram Portal

First, let’s understand what is e-Shram portal is. The data of workers of the unorganized sector will keep in this portal. Under the organized sector, such workers come, who work in offices and factories, from whose salary the Provident Fund i.e PF is deduce.

The unorganized sector includes workers engaged in construction work, street vendors, workers in small shops, cooking in homes or small hotels, and people working in homes. Address and all the information related to their work have to give. Any worker can register himself on the e-Shram portal with his Aadhaar number.

Apart from the name, work, address, bank account information is also given, on registration, workers get a unique 12 digit number. This is the unique ID number of the workers.

Government’s Target Regarding e-Labor

The central government wants to pass on the benefits of social security schemes. To the workers by using the database created on the e-Shram portal. Apart from this, its use is to help in reaching employment opportunities to the workers.

The Center is also collecting this data by taking help from the state governments. After the instructions of the Center, all the state governments have set the target of their respective labor department to collect the data of the workers.

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