Facebook Messenger Splitting Bill: New Feature

Facebook Messenger Splitting Bill: Facebook regularly do innovations and tries different variations in their application features to give more experience to their users. This time they had come with the feature of bill splitting.

This concept is taken by the parent company Metaverse. Among youngsters, splitting the bill is common in restaurants or room rent, and other places. So they add up this feature to get a more targeted audience from the world.

Facebook Messenger Splitting Bill
Facebook Messenger Splitting Bill

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Facebook Messenger Splitting Bill

They had launched a concept bill splits in the app which will tell the contribution and the person who contributed to the bill. We can send requests to the person who has to share the bill in the group chat. It can be a transformational idea due to the basic concept they used for the inbuilt features in their application. They had named it Split Bill.

The company introduced it only for the users of the USA as Many persons found that they didn’t get the share back of the bill from the person and can’t ask due to embarrassment for such a small amount. So this feature will get you easier for that because In group chat everyone came to know who had paid and who hadn’t.

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How does it Work?

Using this is simply easy. Follow some steps to get the benefit without any technicalities. So we will tell you the steps to do and it will be as follows:

Firstly you have to link the payment method with the feature so that you can send Or receive the money. It will take about 3-5 days to show money on the account.


  • You can request the money
  • Download latest version
  • Start a group with the person you want to split
  • Click + tab
  • Click payment option
  • Tag people, you want to get money
  • Fill the amount of each one’s share
  • After all, they confirm the request.
  • You can pay the requested money
  • Open latest messenger version
  • Click on the group chat you are tagged for the payment
  • Tap on payment pending
  • Pay via your method
  • After filling Facebook PIN confirm it

There will be no extra charges or any maintenance to run this feature. It is free to use. It is a fast way to do payments without any discussion or rants. Eagerly waiting for this to launch in India because currently, it is on trial mode in the USA.

These are the details of the Split Bill. Facebook had also given further information on the support page and its blogs.

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