Facebook Plans to Change Name in Next Week

According to a report, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is planning to change the name of Facebook. Facebook so is all set to discuss in their annual conference next week.

Facebook Plans to Change Name
Facebook Plans to Change Name

Facebook is going to change its name next week, what is the plan, and what it wants to do? All you will know in this article it comes as the company faces speed-up investigation from US lawmakers over its business practices. Facebook says that it does not comment on quotes rumors or speculation.

Facebook is going to rebrand its name with a new group name that focuses on metaverse. The new name is likely to announce in next week. Facebook CEO talking about metaverse so Let us understand.

What is Metavers?

In the digitalization world when everything is digital, if it is about the way of payments, playing games, booking tickets, or creating content. So taking these in mind Facebook wants to give another level of experience to its audience.

It refers to sharing the virtual world using the internet. On the blockchain, users can access the gaming world. It takes the next stage in development in the online space.

Users can merge themselves in digital content rather than using it. Facebook already owned Instagram WhatsApp Twitter and also other brands in a new name in their list.

In a world where technology is advanced and young to old, all want to play games, it will be a great experience for gamers to play in a virtual environment.

The Hidden Truth Behind Facebook Plans to Change its Name

But the main point that all techies missing is: it is not about a change in the name of Facebook, it is about why they are changing and what is their objective even when Facebook is a good name for a social media company. We forget the toxic impact.

According to a report, due to the coming of the metaverse, there can be a risk of data privacy, hacking, and fraud.

So a branded companies like Facebook have to do great hard work to remain in their position. Also to get attached with audience faith and trust better than before.

However, Facebook says in response that it doesn’t comment on quote rumors.

So Remember it is not about just change in name but also the consequences after that. Also the impact it creates in our society. And it’s a classic case of misdirection. The toxic impact of Instagram, health issues, and if it is crashes everything will be down with it.

Nevertheless, Due to all these, there is no individual accountable and leads mishappenings.

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