Fix Windows 11 Cant Uninstall Google Chrome

Fix Windows 11 Cant Uninstall Google Chrome: Do you also want to uninstall Google Chrome in Windows 11? But you are not able to uninstall Google Chrome from your computer. So friends, today I am going to tell you why this is happening. And how can you solve this issue?

Reasons Why Google Chrome is Not Uninstalling?

Fix Windows 11 Cant Uninstall Google Chrome
Fix Windows 11 Cant Uninstall Google Chrome

There can be many reasons why Google Chrome is not uninstalling. It also has a rule that if you are running some background process on Google Chrome, then you cannot uninstall or uninstall Google Chrome in Windows 11 of your system.

Sometimes extensions on Google Chrome can also cause problems for you to uninstall Google Chrome. If you want to uninstall Google Chrome on Windows 11 of your system then there is nothing to worry about. We will tell you some important tips in this article.

Close all Tabs and Processes

Friends, if you want to uninstall Chrome, and you are not able to do so. You are getting many errors in uninstalling ‘Google Chrome’ on your system’s Windows 11. So this type of error may be coming because some background process is running in your chrome browser. And that process itself is stopping you from uninstalling it.

Therefore, before uninstalling Chrome, you should end all kinds of background processes from Google Chrome. Now you have to uninstall it and try it.

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Use Any Third-Party Uninstaller Software

If none of the above methods worked on your computer and you have still cannot uninstall Google Chrome on Windows 11, then the last and only option would be to use a third-party uninstaller software to uninstall google chrome in your computer.

You may not be able to uninstall google chrome from Windows 11 when third-party uninstaller software comes in handy. If you are unable to uninstall google chrome with Windows Uninstaller, then now you can uninstall apps like google chrome using an application like this.

How to Uninstall third-party Extensions

If you have removed all background processes. And if you still have not been able to remove it, then you can also adopt this method. For this, you have to perform the process given below.

You have to open Google Chrome and click on the menu button in the upper right side corner.

After that, you have to click on more tools.

Next, you have to find an extension and click on Extensions.

Uninstall Google Chrome Browser

 1] You have to open Google Chrome on your computer or laptop.

2] After this you have to type chrome://apps in the search bar and search this.

This will give you a list of all installed Chrome apps.

3] Next, you have to right-click on the app you want to uninstall and tap Remove from Chrome.

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