Fortnite Resident Evil Collab: Latest Skins and More

Fortnite Resident Evil Collab is bringing new kinds of skins to the item shop in Fortnite. Jill and Chris are also joining the game in the legend series of Fortnite skins. Fortnite is again there with their new collaboration. This time they are collaborating with Resident Evil. The famous movie in Hollywood.

In this collaboration, they are introducing two new characters in Fortnite. Resident Evil is a very interesting horror movie. You can purchase this item is from the item shop either together or separately. In this article, we have tried to cover everything that you will need regarding this collaboration. Read the article further for more information.

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Fortnite Resident Evil Collab
Fortnite Resident Evil Collab

Collaboration of Fortnite and Resident Evil

Currently, this collaboration is introducing Chris and Jill characters only. Many of the players were eager for this collaboration. And many of the players are eager for or more characters from this collaboration. So it may standard chance that this collaboration further may add new characters to Fortnite. Both Chris and Jill’s characters are in the full suite with all cosmetic accessories in the item shop. Inspiring with the different moments in the respective history of each character the characters include more styles. This means basically this character will come in total to styles.

If you guys wish to complete all the cosmetic sets you can buy them from the item shop also. You can buy the back bling which is having the motivation of Resident Evil safe room. This Safe Room is consisting of some healing items the Back bling is although has some features of this also. If you guys wish to add Pickaxe it is totally based on the melee weapons from that seminal survival horror series.

This Fortnite Resident Evil collaboration is coming with different cosmetics. For instance, it is actually a set consisting of all the cosmetics from this collaboration. We are providing you with a list of all cosmetics available in the item shop below.

  • Chris skin with wolf squad alternate style.
  • Jill skin with raccoon City alternate style.
  • Green herb back bling coming with red herb and blue herb alternate style.
  • Saving keystroke back bling.
  • Hotdogger Pickaxe.
  • Stun Road Pickaxe.

So this was the list of all the cosmetics which are available in the item shop regarding this fortnight Resident Evil collaboration. You can easily visit the item shop and buy this item at the respective price. Fortnite always comes with some kind of different collaboration, so players always get eager for such collaborations. Many collaborations from Fortnite are on the way.

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