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Posted by    on                             If your computer cannot open your files and they have .kuus extension, your system might have been infected by a threat called Kuus Ransomware.
It is a malicious file-encrypting application that uses a robust encryption algorithm to lock files that could be valuable.
Afterward, the malware drops a ransom note asking to pay ransom if you want to get decryption tools that could unlock all files.
The hackers may reassure you that you will get the promised tools, but, in reality, there are no guarantees that you will receive them.
Therefore, we advise you to think carefully if you really want to deal with cybercriminals.
Until you decide that you may want to learn more about the malware, in which case, we invite you to read the rest of this article.
A bit below it, you should see our deletion instructions that show how you might be able to erase Kuus Ransomware manually.

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Posted by    on                                                     Search.quicksearchtool.com is a search engine that might be encountered by those who install a particular extension that we mention later in this article.
If you are wondering whether this search website is any better than google.com or search.yahoo.com, you should know that it might use either one of the mentioned search engines to get you the search results that would match your keywords.
If you want to know more about how this search website and the extension that it comes with might work, you could read the rest of this article.
In case you are here because you are looking for a way to remove Search.quicksearchtool.com from your browser, you should check the instructions available below the text.
They explain how to get rid of this search website step by step.

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Posted by    on                                                     When you come across an extension named SportsHDSearchs, you are likely to assume that it can help you access high quality sports content or, perhaps, even live streams.
Whatever your thoughts about this extension might have been before you installed it, it is unlikely that you ended up being happy with it.
This extension is nothing more than a search tool, and an unreliable one at that.
Anti-Spyware-101.com research team tested this add-on, although there really was no need for that.
That is because we already have all of the information about this extension.
We have this information because it is a clone of ConverterzSearch, AllConvertersSearch, TopStreamsSearch, and other well-researched PUPs.
PUP stands for “potentially unwanted program,” and we are sure that at least some users will find the extension unwanted.
To learn more about the reasons to remove SportsHDSearchs, continue reading.
If you do not want to waste another moment, .

Use the guide below to delete the PUP from Google Chrome

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Posted by    on                             Tabe Ransomware is a dangerous file-encrypting threat that can restart with the operating system.
It is bad news, because there is a chance that every time it restarts it may start encrypting files again.
Of course, such functionality might not affect the files that were already encrypted, but it could put new data at risk.
If you want to know more about how this vicious threat works, where it comes from, and how it can be erased, we encourage you to read the rest of this article.
Also, we can offer the instructions available at the end of this text.
They show how users could erase Tabe Ransomware manually.
This task could be challenging even if you follow our instructions carefully, in which case, we recommend using a legitimate antimalware tool that would make the removal process faster and easier.
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Posted by    on                                                     If your Windows operating system is not currently secured against malware, fix this problem ASAP because HAT Ransomware could invade through various different security cracks.
Such cracks can be opened by spam emails, unpatched vulnerabilities, malvertising scams, unreliable downloaders, and so on.
It does not take much for cybercriminals to find a victim, and if they are successful, all files found on the attacked system are encrypted.
What does that entail.
When files are encrypted, reading them normally is impossible.
According to the researchers at Anti-Spyware-101.com, a tool called ‘Rakhni Decryptor’ exists (created by ransomware researchers), but we cannot know for sure that you will be able to decrypt all of your files using it.
Hopefully, that is the case, but even if you cannot recover files, you should not pay attention to the cybercriminals’ demands.
Instead, you should focus on deleting HAT Ransomware.
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Posted by    on                                                     You must protect your Windows operating system against Alpha865qqz Ransomware at all cost because if it manages to invade, it can encrypt everything.
No, it does not encrypt system files, but that is only because the infection needs your operating system to function properly so that appropriate messages could be introduced to you.
Other than that, all of your personal files can be corrupted, and that is done using an encryption key.
This key is unique and strong, and so you cannot decipher the encrypted files yourself.
Can third-party tools help.
Free decryptor exist, but they cannot decipher secret keys.
In some cases, cybersecurity experts are able to build free decryptors for the victims of ransomware, but that happens rarely, and that hasn’t happened for the Alpha865qqz infection yet.
Unfortunately, files cannot be recovered by deleting Alpha865qqz Ransomware either.
In fact, this malware should remove itself once it is done with the encryption of your personal files.

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Posted by    on                                                     If you are looking for tools that could help you convert files, .

Know that AllConvertersSearch is not one of them

It is just a search tool, and even though it might seem that it would help find converters specifically, it does not offer anything more than a regular search provider would.
In fact, it uses a quote-unquote regular search provider.
It is Yahoo Search, and if you decide to use the suspicious extension, it will redirect you search.yahoo.com.
You might think that this is not so bad, considering that Yahoo Search is a trusted search engine.

Because the PUP (potentially unwanted program) modifies the results that are shown via it

we cannot recommend trusting it.
If you delete AllConvertersSearch and then set Yahoo Search as your default search provider, we are sure that you will be safe, but if you use it via the PUP, you might not be.

Do you want to remove the PUP quickly

or are you still looking for more information about it.
We can help you in both cases.
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Posted by    on                                                     If you cannot recognize your files because their names were replaced with random titles and they have the.
EG83 extension, you most likely encountered a malicious application called EG83 Ransomware.
Such threats are usually used for money extortion, which is why the malware creates ransom notes in every directory that contains encrypted files and replaces a victim’s desktop picture with an image that also shows a ransom note.
None of the messages say how much users would have to pay to get the tools needed for their files’ decryption.
Whatever the price might be, we advise not to pay it if you do not want to risk getting scammed.
To learn more about EG83 Ransomware like how it works, where it could come from, and how to erase it, we invite you to read the rest of this article.

Posted by    on                            Access Online Forms

Posted by    on August 14, 2020         No comments                                           You do not need extensions to access online forms, but the creator of Access Online Forms has decided to convince Google Chrome users into thinking otherwise.
At the time of research, this extension offered easy-access links to findmyforms.com and eforms.com for its users, and while you might find them to be useful, you certainly do not need an extension to access them.
Does it offer other beneficial services.
That is unlikely to be the case.
In fact.

This PUP (potentially unwanted program) collects data about users

redirects to a third-party search engine, and injects ads into search results to promote third-party content.
This is, most likely, what the extension was creator for.
Anti-Spyware-101.com research team does not think that it is useful, and that is why we recommend removing it.

Do you know how to delete Access Online Forms from your browser

Continue reading, and you will find out.

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2020         No comments.
Posted by    on                                                      Please bear in mind that sometimes it is not possible to restore all the files that were affected by such an intruder.
However, that shouldn’t push you into paying the ransom fee.
It would be better to invest in cybersecurity measures that would protect you from similar infections in the future.
For more information, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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