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Adventure Log: Masks: High Impact Heroics Pt

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

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The Independents       Preparing for Paris: Interview with the Creator

August 10, 2020  Maria Fanning    Leave a comment              There are many phenomenal tabletop roleplaying game kickstarters occurring presently, as can be seen in the latest Kickstarter Wonk article, but one that particularly stood out to me was one that centered around a very specific and intriguing concept.
Preparing For Paris is a game where you play discontinued Olympic Sports, personified as high school students, training to become once more an Olympic Sport.
They will also do, as teenagers in high school are likely to do, all the humdrum of adolescence that comes with it.     I sat down with PfP’s creator, Logan, to discuss his new (and fully funded) game.
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The Independents       The Independents: Free From the Yoke

July 21, 2020      1 Comment             I miss the old days.
Don’t misunderstand what I am saying.
Things are better now, without a doubt.
The Empire took everything from us that made us who we are.
It ripped apart our most sacred monuments, it dismantled every part of our government that we prided ourselves in.
It took our children away to be “reeducated”, they even took the spirit of the land itself away from us.
But while they were directly in front of our faces, we hated them with unfettered ferocity.
Before, in our old lives, you would have had a scion of a rival family that  you would have been obligated to feud with for tradition’s sake.
Now, they were in the work camp right next to you, swinging the same pickaxe.
At the end of the day you both were literally too tired to care.
The Arbiter saw that and knew what he could do with it.
We were able to unite, to ignore generations of contempt for each other because our contempt for the Empire was so much greater.
After bitter struggle we have at least some measure of ourselves back, but we bear scars: monuments defiled, power structures crippled, refugees who barely remember their old lives pouring back.
Even the magic of the land itself has begun to forget us.
But as those things are far from normal, our old rivalries have begun anew as every old faction, necessary in our struggle, now wants their voice heard.
While we’re Free from the Yoke, we risk forgetting a grave truth: the Empire is still out there.
It has not forgotten.
Continue reading The Independents: Free From the Yoke         Free from the YokePowered by the ApocalypseUFO Press                      , Why You Should Listen       The Kids Aren’t All Right: Why You Should Listen To Rollout.
June 16, 2020  Maria Fanning    Leave a comment                I’ve recommended a few Masks: A New Generation actual plays at this point.
From the amazing school days of Unlabelled.
To the always entertaining and oft-times bizarre Critical Bits.
And these stories, for all their hilarity, are no strangers to dark moments.
However, today we are going to be talking about an actual play that began as something quite light only to transition to a very real dark side.
And did it oh-so-well.
Today, we are going to be talking about Rollout Podcast.
In particular, we are going to be talking about their longest running and, in my opinion, the most beautifully painful series: The Young Vanguard.
Continue reading The Kids Aren’t All Right: Why You Should Listen To Rollout        Actual PlayLGBTLGBTQ+LGBTQAI+MasksMasks: A New GenerationPbtAPodcastPowered by the ApocalypseRollOut Podcast                      ,        Bundle for Racial Equality and Justice – Spotlight Two.
June 15, 2020  Seamus Conneely    1 Comment             When I stopped updating our first spotlight for Itch.io’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality it had slightly more than 1,000 video and tabletop games and had raised about $3 million to be split between the  NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund  and  Community Bail Fund.
As I write this, less than a week later, the Bundle consists of  1704  items and has raised  more than $7 million.
That is, frankly, a staggering effort that shows what a community – one that often exists on the edges of its respective industries and has a larger percentage of marginalized creators – can do when rallied to a good cause.
Millionaires and corporations have sacrificed and given less, and we’d be wise to keep that in mind.
Still, the actual contents of the Bundle is still staggering by itself, and after picking Chalice, For the Honor, and Dragonhearts out of the haystack Maria was good enough to point me towards two more that will be worth your time to check out – whether they’re currently sitting on your dragon’s-hoard-sized bundle of charity or you need one last incentive to pitch in as the Bundle winds down.
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Meet the Party       Meet the Party: Transit: The Spaceship RPG

May 14.

2020  Seamus Conneely    Leave a comment             A small but fierce combatant

able to slip past enemy defenses and outside of their counterattacks with equal ease.
A leader of beings both digital and organic, with ships and fast attack craft and crew all following her lead.
A staunch defender, who can patch up whatever wounds make it past his efforts.
Consult your star charts and prepare to go beyond the galactic frontier to complete your objectives, with a ready-to-play fleet of Artificial Intelligences and starships for Transit: The Spaceship RPG.
Continue reading Meet the Party: Transit: The Spaceship RPG         AICharactersPbtAPowered by the ApocalypsescifistarshipsTransit (buy my book)Transit: The Spaceship RPG                      ,        .

Masks: A New Generation and the Possibilities of Trans Narratives

February 11.

2020  Maria Fanning    1 Comment              If you read my last article (come on

check it out, I’m pretty proud) you know that Powered By The Apocalypse has a queer fandom.
What’s more, you likely know that when it comes to RPGs, .

None appeal to me more than Masks: A New Generation

It utilizes a picture perfect narrative system while weaving it together with the trials and tribulations of being a fledgling superhero who also happens to struggle with the whole teenager thing.
I frigging’ love it!  It’s my favorite RPG system.
Hey, you don’t gotta take my word for it.
This site has quite a few cool articles on the system I’d seriously recommend giving a read.
Now, what I’m here for today is to tackle the systems of Masks in-depth from a perspective inspired by the Masks actual play podcast, Unlabelled.
Unlabelled is a Masks podcast set in the Phoenix Academy playset (think Sky-High or My Hero Academia).
While I had been dying for a podcast of that playset for months, what truly drew my attention hook, line, and sinker was the fact that the entire cast, both in and out of the game, was comprised of trans women.
I love to see myself in my favorite hobby, and I adore to see myself in my favorite game.
During the character creation segment of the podcast, one of the players jokingly referred to the Transformed playbook as the “TRANS-formed”.
A lot of trans folx have already noticed this with the archetype, and I briefly touched upon it in my last article, but the Transformed hits on many of the same beats of the trans experience.
Being changed and coming to terms with that.
Discrimination for standing out cos you’re not the same as everyone else.
People not understanding how you feel.
But that got me thinking.
If the Transformed, an archetype based on youthful experience, could be so easily a metaphor for a trans narrative, why not all the playbooks.
And I thought about it.
And I thought.
And I thought.
And this article is what came of it.
So sit back, .

Grab a drink and let’s dive into: Masks: A Trans Generation

Continue reading Masks: A New Generation and the Possibilities of Trans Narratives        LGBTLGBTQ+LGBTQAI+Masks: A New GenerationPbtAPowered by the ApocalypseTransgender                      ,        Powered By The Apocalypse: How A Rule-System Nurtured A Queer Fanbase.
February 3, 2020  Maria Fanning    3 Comments              My first openly trans character-after having come out as a trans woman myself-was a Bull in a Masks: A New Generation one-shot.
She was a lone wolf archetype style character.
It was even her hero name (original, I know).

My second trans character was also in a Masks game

but now a  campaign.
Her name was Apollo and she was a Legacy: the first trans woman to bear the mantle in a long line of women.
While Lone Wolf’s identity was simply a part of her flavour, Apollya’s trans womanhood was intrinsic to who she was and what her story was about.
The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.
And it was what I wanted.
Masks was the first game I felt like I could be the type of character I wanted to see in the superhero media.
No, in all media.
And I soon learned I wasn’t alone. There was a whole ruleset with a welcoming community, of an easy to learn system with gatekeeping kept to a minimum. It’s Powered By the Apocalypse.
And it is my favourite system.
And in my opinion, the gayest.
Continue reading Powered By The Apocalypse: How A Rule-System Nurtured A Queer Fanbase        Apocalypse WorldCommunityLGBTLGBTQ+LGBTQAI+Masks: A New GenerationMonsterheartsPbtAPowered by the Apocalypse                      The Veil In-Depth.
November 20, 2019      2 Comments             Welcome to another Review In-Depth.
Here I explore and attempt to critique a game using not just a reading or even a mere one-shot, but rather a full short campaign of play.
While reading may tell you about rules and ease of use, and a one-shot may demonstrate game balance and fun factor, it takes several sessions to really tease out how well a game accomplishes its stated goals.
And because rules aren’t everything, I cast an equally critical eye to the content of the story the group ended up telling.
Today’s game tells a sadly real story about the gap that exists between enthusiasm and actually finding time to play something.
Cannibal Halfling’s first breakout article was written in March of 2017, about four months after the site was founded, and it was about two Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) Cyberpunk games, The Veil and The Sprawl.
This recent campaign was the first time I successfully ran The Veil, in fact the first time I successfully played it at all…it was over two years after I first read it.
Continue reading The Veil In-Depth         Actual PlayPbtAPowered by the ApocalypseThe Veil                      , .

The Independents       The Independents: Undying

October 22, 2019      1 Comment             I have a confession to make: I’m a fan of vampires in fiction.
I honestly think that they are an excellent concept in supernatural action and horror, largely due to much of their mythos having easy ties to profound themes such as seduction, addiction, lost innocence, alienation, and the loss of humanity.
Toss in a large chunk of my formative years suffused with badass supernatural bloodsuckers brought to life in films such as Blade, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire, and Queen of the Damned (plus TV shows such as Buffy, Angel and Hellsing) and you get a player who, even now, gets giddy at the chance to play in a game with a vampire focus.
So when I find out that the company that is both behind my favorite Powered by the Apocalypse game (Masks) and already knows how to do horror well (Bluebeard’s Bride) already has such a game on the shelf…well, I couldn’t stay away.
Which is what has brought me to Undying by Magpie Games.
Continue reading The Independents: Undying         HorrorHorrorRPGMagpie GamesPbtAPowered by the ApocalypseTabletopUndyingvampireVampire: The Masquerade                      Adventure Log,        Adventure Log: Masks: High Impact Heroics Pt.
August 16, 2019  Seamus Conneely    1 Comment             Out in one of the suburban zones of the Halcyon City metropolis Gilbert Phillps was shrugging on his trenchcoat and looking over his shoulder at the sleeping figure in his bed.
When the doors had blown in at the Halcyon City High School #5 Semi-Formal Dance, the first thing he’d done had been to grab his friend and date Emma and spirit her away to safety.
Once they’d gotten there, though.
well, it had been an exciting night, long-hidden emotions had been revealed, and teenagers are teenagers.
Now, though, Gil had to find out what had happened to the rest of his team.
Leaving a note for the sleeping Emma, CryptoHertz opened his room’s window, deployed the flight pack that was the latest of his cybernetic upgrades, and flew off into the night (or rather, morning) sky.

Continue reading Adventure Log: Masks: High Impact Heroics Pt

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