Google and Apple Theft Caught

Google and Apple theft caught: The Italian Competition Authority has fined. Apple and Google are both companies. The Italian Competition Authority has fined about $11.3 million (about Rs 84.81 crore) of both companies. The issue of the reason for the fine is a bit serious.

The only reason for that fine is said to be the misuse of the data of the other people. Also as per the rumors both the companies used to steal the personal data of the customer.

It has told that both the companies were using personal data. For their own benefit without the customer’s permission. And that’s why Italy’s Competition Authority has deemed, it a violation of the Consumer Code, and fined them.

All of you must have heard the name of Google and Apple company. And why haven’t you heard that both are such big companies? If we talk about Google, then it is an American multinational company.

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Which specialized in Internet-connected services, including all online advertising technologies, and a number of services such as a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

And if we talk about Apple, then it is also a big American multinational technology company. And if we talk about its specialty, then it specialized in electronic consumer, computer software, and other online services.

Apple is the largest information technology company by revenue and also, since January 2021, the world’s most valuable company.

This is the Second Time Fine

Google and Apple Theft Caught
Google and Apple Theft Caught

This that the second time The Italian Competition Authority has fined both are the companies. Apple and Amazon have fined earlier this week by the Italian regulator.

Earlier, when Amazon’s Italy store was allowed to sell products with Apple and the speaker, both fined more than $225 million

Google Gave its Clarification

In a statement, the Google company has said that it strongly disagrees with this decision of the Italy Competition Authority. And they are preparing a plan to appeal against it.

In the clarification of Google. A Google spokesperson believes that They give people simple control to manage their information and use personal data properly. We work hard to fully comply with consumer protection rules, he added.

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