Google Play Store Best of 2021: Expert Opinion

Google Play Store Best of 2021: Google Play Store is the warehouse of apps and every year this warehouse released the list of its best-featured products. This year too they released the best apps of 2021. Google Play Store Best of 2021 in various categories from education to lifestyle, from learning to gaming everything is there and we will provide you the brief of this so please stay with us till last.

This lockdown period had made some apps too much featured because of work from home stuff and due to activities stagnant outside educational apps had got a wave in the whole world.

Google Play Store Best of 2021
Google Play Store Best of 2021

Google Play Store Best of 2021

Every year Google announces the winners for the best apps. They are selected under the ecosystem of developers whether small or big so recognize the best app Or game developed.

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We are here with the top apps Google Play Store Best.

Users Choice Best App of the Year

  • Bitclass- Best 2021 ( India)
  • Clubhouse- Best 2021( India)
  • Users Choice Best Game of the Year
  • Battleground Mobile India- Best Game( India)
  • Garena Free Fire Max- Best Game(India)

These apps were chosen as best because major effects of the corona pandemic. Bitclass is an online education app that provides virtual room for study and due to closed educational institutions, this app had made an impressive move in the community.

Due to less physical socialization, Clubhouse has been awarded best for audio socializing among the friends, people whom we don’t know.

Among games, BGMI and Free Fire had edged other apps. Children free from school choose the games to get their time pass and both games are the most downloaded and progressive among all of them due to graphics and the concept.

Expert choice of Google Play Store Best of 2021
Expert choice of Google Play Store Best of 2021

Fun Apps

Front Row: In this, you can learn music, singing, rap, comedy, etc.

Hotstep: It’s also for the fun and socializing

Best for Everyday Stuff

SARVA: It is for yoga and meditation

Guardians from True caller

Sortizy: Here you can make plans, grocery lists, etc.

Best for Personal 

Embibe: It’s for Outcomes

Jumping Minds: Talk and Relax

Moonbeam: It’s for podcast kinda Stuff

Best for Good

Speechify: It’s from text to speech

Evergreen: Fun, Health and Fitness

Being: Friend for Mental Health

Best to Wear


Sleep Cycle: Analyse Sleep and Smart Clock

Best for Tabs

Canva: Made designs

Concepts: Note, Draw, Write

Houzz: Home Redesign

Best Games

Pokemon Unite

MARVEL future Generations

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Best Indie

My Friend Padro

Bird Alone

Hunt down

This is the Google Play Store Best 2021 list in which we give you the full details of the apps that got recognition from Google for the outstanding work in the App by their Developers.

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