Harsh Beniwal New Video Cricket with Parivaar

Harsh Beniwal New Video Cricket with Parivaar:- Hello guys, we are again here with the new blog. Most of the YouTube followers are excited about the harsh Beniwal new video. Harsh Beniwal comedy Youtuber who creates videos for the entertainment of the people. Harsh Beniwal is from Delhi. The famous tagline ‘Delhi se hu Bencho’ is by Harsh Beniwal. Now he is again coming tomorrow, which is a new video. The name of this video is cricket with Parivaar.

Harsh Beniwal New Video Upcoming

Harsh Beniwal New Video Cricket with Parivaar
Image Source: Official Channel “TheBrainHumour”

Tomorrow is on October 18, and Harsh Beniwal is going to release his new video. In this video, his time to express his views and some experience. The experiences from real life make this video comedy. The video is going to be interesting. People will like this video because they will relate to it. When the audience will aid your video with themselves, define interesting.

The most exciting topic in India is cricket. And cricket with Parivaar will be a fantabulous idea. Many of the harsh Beniwal fans are very eager for this video. But finally, the wait is coming towards the end. On October 18, Harsh Beniwal is going to release his new video.

The teaser for this video was launched earlier. The song ‘Dhakad hai Dhakad hai’ from Aamir Khan’s Dangal movie is in the teaser. The teacher is so simple, not so complicated, but exciting yet. We will get a short idea about the cast of this video further. Harsh Beniwal has verified account on YouTube. He has about 13.5 million subscribers, Which is a vast number. Till now has released 153 videos. The 154 videos will be releasing tomorrow that is ‘cricket with parivaar’. Harsh Beniwal joined YouTube on May 6, 2015. He has been making videos for a lot of time. BrandzUp manages his channel.

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The Cast of Cricket with Parivaar:-

Casually we will see all the characters from the Harsh Beniwal team. There are in total seven members, including Harsh Beniwal in his team. Harsh Beniwal always plays the lead character in most of his videos. The other six members generally play supporting character roles in their videos. 6 out of 4 are female characters, and 2 are male characters. The name of the characters are as follows:-

  1. Priya Beniwal
  2. Pratishtha Sharma
  3. Mohit Chikkara
  4. Purav Jha
  5. Meghna Yadav
  6. Tina Jain

All the six peoples work as Harsh Beniwal team. There is a cute chance that you can see all of the six people in the upcoming video. The cricket team is 11 players, but you will see only 6 in this video.

The video is going to be very funny and will look attractive also. People take an interest in the stories they relate to themselves. So there is a good chance that this video will get lots of use in the first 24 hours. We know many people are waiting for this video. Stay tuned, and Harsh Beniwal is going to entertain you again.

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