Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens: Best Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens: Health is the Prime Wealth of life. Every human wants to get this wealth and enjoy the whole life fit and happy but today people are caught by various diseases and to cure them there are huge medical expenses which are not pocket friendly for many people especially for senior citizens.

So we are here to help you to find some good Health Insurance policies for Senior Citizens which will help you in tough times by paying your hospital bills. We have researched it out.

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens
Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens

Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens, We had searched these policies on various factors from premiums to entry age. Waiting period etc. things will help you to compare easily without any second opinion.

Star Health

These are the oldest Insurance policies specially designed for seniors to help them and also the most commendable ones.

  • Premium is about 5000-18000(Tax Excluded)
    They also provide hospitalization bills like consultation, OT fees, medicines, diagnosis, etc.
  • Ambulance expenses are also covered.
  • They also provide pre-existing diseases coverage to the insured.
  • Easy settlement is there.
  • It is limited to several hospitals.

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National Insurance Varishtha Mediclaim

It is a very affordable and good Insurance policy. The policy has a wide customer network with better on-time claim records. They give satisfaction to their customer.

  • Its premium is about 4500-6900
  • Entry is available till 60-80
  • It also covers hospitalization bills like petty expenses, ICU, consultation fees etc. are there.
  • Organ donor and critical disease coverage expenses are also there.
Best Insurance Policy
Oriental Insurance HOPE: Best Insurance Policy

Oriental Insurance HOPE

This Insurance is suitable for people above 60 and had wide coverage of facilities and diseases. Also, they provide other services to customers

  • Its premium is about 4500-29000
  • Emergency Ambulance Coverage
  • Also, provide discounts on premiums
  • Also, fulfill the cost of medicines, etc.
  • In Hospitalization expenses like surgeons fees, blood, OT fees, etc. are also there.

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health

This Insurance is covered by the Bajaj Allianz company and had good fame in the market. It covers the senior couple means the male and the spouse. There are comprehensive plans to see in it.

  • Premium is about 2000-29000
  • Entry-exit is 45-70
  • Expenses of Pre and Post hospitalization Tax benefits fit
    Covers existing diseases in the Health Insurance

This Insurance is also reliable covers the AYUSH treatments and had a good premium range.

  • Premium is 3900-7700
  • Entry is about 60-80
  • Homoeopathic, Ayurveda is also there in policy
  • Also, provide hospitalization expenses

These are the details of all the reliable Insurance policies for people above 45 so that they can get better treatment without any burden on their pockets. You can read this and choose your own.

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