Hidden Features of Windows 10 Computer

Hidden Features of Windows 10: When many of us had to face the computer for the first time, it is possible that the mouse was first moved on the Paint software of Windows. But you and we know very well that this system itself is a very big world. Let’s know the Hidden features of Windows 10 computers.

Hidden features of Windows 10
Hidden Features of Windows 10

Hidden Features of Windows 10 Computer

It is possible that you also know a lot about the Windows operating system. Let us tell you that Microsoft had released Windows 11 in October this year itself, but today most of the systems are running on Windows 10 which came in 2015.

Windows 10 may have arrived in 2015, but updates and new features are constantly being added to this operating system. Today we will look at some such useful features. If you used the features mentioned by us, then the user experience is expected to be better.

New emoji

What to do about emoji on the phone. It means there is an emoji to say everything, but you can enjoy it on your Windows system too. Suppose you are typing something in Microsoft Word or Notepad, then just press the Windows button and full stop simultaneously, the emoji chef will be revealed.

For you, we are sending Smile Wali. This will also work on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Search.

 Snip Shot

You are going to say that we know that screenshots can be taken from Windows and print screens, but we are trying to tell something different. When you take a screenshot from Windows and print screen, it gets saved in the folder and you have to go there for editing. Now just try pressing the Window + Shift + S buttons. There will be a jugaad to capture the screen in four shapes on the screen. Take a snip shot of your mind and put your hands on editing too.

Copy Paste from Anywhere

We know about Control C and Control V from time immemorial, but what when you have to copy and paste from different pages in one place. This has been arranged in Windows. Go to any file or website and copy anything, then copy something else from somewhere else.

Now come to the place where you want to paste and press Windows V. You’ll find all of your copied text at once on the clipboard.

Video Editing

It is a native feature of Windows, meaning there is no need to install any separate software. In the search bar, search for video editors and apps. Sufficient for basic editing, as handy features like trim, split, background music, custom audio, text, motion, and 3D effects come with the app itself. Yes, you are a pro and do heavy editing, then you have to see yours.


You have also placed winning apps in the taskbar, no need to open them by moving the mouse or cursor. Just press Windows and number together like in Windows 1 and my WhatsApp will open.

Likewise Google Chrome from Windows 2. All you have to do is put the application of your work in the taskbar.

Permanent Cure and Speed of Temporary File

Temporary files are a pain in Windows, but there is a very simple solution for you. Go to the search bar and type storage, first, the option of storage sense will appear which is turned off. You can configure it according to you by turning it on.

Keep the first option off low disk space but turn on the option to automatically delete temporary files. And download files that have been using up or are lying around for several days. You can decide for yourself how many days to do all this. By doing this, the storage will not only be empty, but the speed will also increase.

 Step Recorder

Don’t be overjoyed, because Windows is not going to be a fitness band. Actually, you are doing some important work on your screen. And someone else has to tell about that process. Step Recorder will come in handy for you then.

Search and in front of you. Now whatever you are doing on the screen will be recorded like how to install an app. After stopping, the file will become almost like PowerPoint, which you can share on the mail or on WhatsApp.

Text Reading in Magnifier

Everyone must have used a Magnifier in Windows to enlarge the text. You can now go a step further and listen to this text. If you press Windows + then a panel opens with many options.

All you have to do is press the play button and the magnifier will start reading the text. You will find Kalpana and Hemant in the setting for voice and how much speed you have to keep that too.

Old School

If you are the old school type.  Do not like the tiled menu of Windows, then you can also use the old menu. Just click on Normal Windows, then a new menu opens, while you right-click on it, the old one will open.

Windows 10 is the clean Windows operating system by Microsoft. So far, many useful features are usually not in front of Come. But some of the features mentioned above will help a lot in your everyday work.

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