How to Get Android Apps on Windows 11

How to get Android apps on Windows 11: Microsoft had always come with surprises and this year also gift their users a Windows 11 in which they provided Window Subsystem for Android(WPA) to run Android Apps.

Windows deal with Amazon to venture partnership program to provide users with an exotic and most anticipated feature in PC.

With access to this new feature, users can function

  • Games
  • Reading
  • Kids Content

Basic Requirements

How to Get Android Apps on Windows 11
How to Get Android Apps on Windows 11
  • PC needs to be on Windows 11(Build 22000xxx series). An unstable channel will lead to
    some defects.
  • It also needs to enable Visualization for PC’s BIOS. You can check it by enabling the ‘Performance’ tab in the task manager.
  • Must be running Microsoft Store version 2210.1402.6.0 or higher. Should use the latest
    version and update all apps on the Library page in Microsoft Store.
  • The region must be set to the U.S because of beta-version launched.
  • Must be in BETA channel to the U.S.
  • Also, need U.S based Amazon a/c to use in the Amazon Appstore.

It’s recommended that the PC must reboot before we go any further. This system is tested in the United States but users can get around this by changing the settings Settings > Time and Language > Language and Region.

Installation Guide to Android Apps in Windows 11:

● At first open ‘Microsoft Store’. You can also search on the menu and type ‘Microsoft Store’.

In the store, again search for ‘Amazon Appstore’

● Click Install to continue further.

● A notification will come on the screen and take you through the setup process. Then click
on Setup and continue to install the AppStore. After that Restart your PC. After restart,
the app store will automatically open and also can be found on the Start Menu Apps list.

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Then you can do further processes like sign-in etc. After all this, it starts like all other
apps and browses suggestions or search for something. Either way, select an app to

● After install, you can find that app in the start menu and also pin it taskbar.

-Side Loading the Windows Subsystem for Android
-Sometimes there might be a problem to get into the Windows Subsystem for Android or
-Amazon App Store despite doing the code. Then installing the Subsystem is the only option to do. It’s a little tough, but a good idea to work on.

For detailed video, you can refer to this

By this, you can get the Android app on Windows 11 very handily.