How to Get to Bot Lobby in BGMI ?

How to Get to Bot Lobby in BGMI? Many of the BGMI players want to increase their in-game Rank. So they need to do more kills and have to give more better performance. Good performance leads to a good rank in the game. Having a good rank in the game offers in-game prestige to the player.

While playing with the Bots or Noobs you can win easily, and this offers more benefit to you. That is why many of the players want to get to the bot lobby in BGMI. If you also want to get to the bot on the Noob lobby, we are giving in detail how to go there. Read the article further for more information and tricks to get in the bot lobby.

Best Tricks for Getting the Bot or Noob lobby in BGMI

How to Get to Bot Lobby in BGMI ?

If you want to get into the bot or Noob lobby, you just have to follow some easy steps or some easy points. This tricks may lead you to get the bot lobby while playing. We are providing few tricks, that you can get the bot lobby. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you.

Trick – 1

In the first trick, we would like to recommend you that try to play solo. While your playing solo you may get a chance to enter the bot lobby. While you are playing in duo or multiplayer the chance increase that you may not get the bot lobby. As the matching is done by comparing the RPs multipliers get more difficult. So please try to go with solo in case if you want to play multiplayer to get bot lobby. This will definitely help you.


In the second trick we will recommend You to, select the slow and steady mode. Rather than hot drop mod slow and steady mode has more bots. In this you will only get the opponents who had selected the the slow and steady option. As the player for not to Pro in the game they choose this option and you can take advantage of this.

Selecting this option can lead you easily to the bot lobby. If you don’t know how to turn on this mode don’t worry we will help you regarding that also.  To change this you have to click on the mode button, after clicking on the mode button select the setting option.

Trick – 3

First of all we will not like you to recommend the multiplayer mode. But still there are some players who get Joy only playing multiplayer. So for them they have to follow the third trick. In this you have to team up with the guys who are only having the gold and silver League. Don’t try to go no with platinum re someone above platinum. Try to go with the players having gold and silver only. This will help you alot to get into a bot lobby.

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