How to Increase Speed of Your Laptop?

Increase Speed of your Laptop: Today Laptop is the most important tech thing for youngsters. This thing has created its autonomy in every sector of every age group. Due to so much importance, people use their Laptops in a constant way which requires a stable and excellent speed to work.

But some people face problems with speed viz their laptops work slow and other reasons which corrupt their speed.

How to Increase Speed of your Laptop
How to Increase Speed of your Laptop

Steps to Increase Speed of your Laptop

So guys if you what to Increase Speed of your Laptop then you had visited the right page. Here we will give complete information and steps to get your laptop speed high. Let’s discuss the speed of the Laptop by getting some steps as follows:

This is the oldest way to delete temp files, which you can use in other versions too, for this you must first

STEP 1 -Press ⊞ Win+R  Key to bring the Run Box of the car.

STEP 2 –  In the Run Box, type the command %temp%.

STEP 3 – After typing the command, you have to click on the OK button.

STEP 4 – By clicking on the OK button, many temp files will appear in front of you.

STEP 5  – By selecting which you have to delete and delete.

Add More RAM to Increase Speed of your Laptop

For better speed, you must have huge space RAM according to your usage. It should be free for proper working. If your laptop has to RAM less than 2GB or less then you should add some additional memory to get your lappy speed high and up to mark.

For E.g- If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows then you can have 3GB RAM as the maximum limit because it works only at 3. Furthermore, you are using a version then it may vary.

Improve your Cooling to Increase Speed of your Laptop

Getting tech things warm is normal for all of us but if it gets disturbingly warm then it can be a matter of worry. Sometimes its sound gets worse and other technologies occur. It also makes your processors weak and suppression of their performance.

Now companies have an inbuilt cooling system in their system to get the topmost speeds. There are some options available in the market which can keep it cool i.e external cooling pad that cools it down by blowing air underneath. It prevents the Laptop from overheating. You can get it for nearly Rs 500.

Increase Memory by Ready to Boost

This feature is so good to get rid of overused memory. This function is introduced by Microsoft by Windows Vista. It will give up Mark’s performance on the computer.

Delete Unused Programmes to Increase Speed of your Laptop

Due to high usage of the internet applications and tools that had been downloaded to get tasks done but these downloads had left with various residuals which make the Laptop speed low and reduce its capability to do work.

It makes a large collection of unused data in the hard drive and lags the system. So the best of it is you should check regularly the residuals, the apps you are not using anymore. If you get an app for one-time work and then it use and delete it afterward which makes it efficient and best for the laptop.

So these are the some best ways to get your Laptop’s speed to high.

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