How To Overcome Anxiety?

How to Overcome Anxiety?: OHHH!!!!!!!!!! Are u looking for some shortcuts, or for some magic that vanishes all your problems and your anxiety fly? If yes, then sorry to say, (There is no shortcut in life). Everyone is having his/her journey. Everyone suffers obstacles.  At some point in time, when things are not in your favor, Don’t lose hope. Remember below mentioned three key points that will help you to deal with your anxiety:

So are you ready to know Three Amazing Ideas!!!

So, Let’s get started

  • First Idea – Take a deep breath, Feel your breath by inhaling or exhaling. One thing always kept in your mind “If tomorrow passes, this moment will also pass”.
  • Second Idea – Don’t give up. Always remember, If u doubt yourself then definitely the result will also get affected. Because it’s like “Law of Attraction”. Negative thoughts only attract negative results. Positive thoughts give you positive results. So, the choice is all yours!
  • Third Idea – Last but not least! Focus on the process, not on results. Give your 100% percent. Do your work passionately, use your creativity & that’s it.  Anxiety Fly!!!!!!

By applying these ideas,  I hope you will definitely get relief from anxiety.

Now the Very Interesting Question Arises: How do we get Overcome Anxiety?

As we all know, We are leaving in the 21st Century, In this era, Everything is materialistic, No one care what’s going on in your life because that person also suffers from so many problems or things in his/her life. According to my observations, there are 5 major things around us from which we get anxiety :

Those 5 Things are

  1. When you are not properly prepared to perform any task, because this is the situation where your so much doubting yourself like “I am able to do this or not.” You don’t even realize that worry about some future task gives you anxiety at present.
  2. You are not managing your time appropriately. When your running from lack of time to complete a particular task you start getting nervousness and that nervousness gives you anxiety.
  3. Sometimes while speaking to someone, we say some kind of words which we should not speak but during that conversation or talk, we don’t care. But after some time when recalling our spoken words, we get anxiety-like “If he/she feels bad or if he/she misinterprets” etc.
  4. Does the Situation come when you know exactly what to do? , how to do?. But, You don’t know why to do? And that why starts bothering us, We start overthinking, Self assumptions, only wasting time to think what will be the future consequences, Not doing anything, etc. So, Always find Why? That is the only way that motivates you to do a particular task.
  5. Especially, When you are comparing yourself with others, at that moment you are diverting yourself from your own goal. You think that the other person overtakes you and you will be left behind. That thought gives anxiety, at that moment you create a big wall or boundaries for yourself.

Overcome Anxiety

How does Overcome Anxiety Affect our Mental Health or Body?

  • Lack of Focus: When we are worry or something bothers us, we always lose our focus. We are not able to put our full concentration on any task. Our mind is only in confusion, at this position we will never be able to arrive at a good solution. Even not able to do our task properly.
  • Lack of Patience: It’s very true when there is some kind of worry or anxiety in our mind, we lose our patience level. Small things around us, start bothering us, we start doing work in a hurry, this is the stage where we make lots of mistakes, sometimes create a big blunder which is hard to solve.
  • Lack of Confidence: Your confidence level starts decreasing because you are doubting yourself. You are worried about outcomes. You start fumbling in case you are speaking to someone.  Sometimes your words do not match with your actions.
  • Feeling weak or tired: You start feeling low, you are not able to work properly. It can include ‘butterflies or feeling sick in the stomach’.
  • Feeling tense 
  • Avoiding people or places 
  • Feeling annoyed, irritated, or restless 
  • Faster Breathing
  • Sweating or feeling dizzy 

Thoughts can include

  • Worrying about things a lot of time
  • feeling like your worries are out of control
  • having trouble concentrating and paying attention
  • worries that seem out of proportion
  • Being unable to relax
  • difficulty getting to sleep at night or waking up a lot during the night

Overthinking Is Good OR Bad?

Overthinking is good for those who know “TIME MANAGEMENT”. For those who manage their time properly, overthinking makes them “PERFECTIONIST”. For those who can’t prioritize their work appropriately, overthinking is not good for them because they always run out of time and are not able to complete their work on time. They spend their most time in overthinking not able to do proper execution of the task at right time. So, Overthinking is directly concerned with the time management concept.

I hope this article will help you to overcome anxiety. If yes, then please let me know in the comment section or if any queries u can also write them in the comment section, we will feel really great to address you all.

Thank you!!!