How To Protect Ourself from Omicron

How To Protect Ourself from Omicron:   Are we ready to deal with this new threat?

Nothing too sure our experts are still learning about this new variant. As the new covid-19 variant Amit chron driving cases around the word course parking a lot of concern.

It is totally different from the Delta variant especially the regards to loss, of smell, taste, and oxygen requirement.

Symptom of this is quite easy someone said it’s like a cold or a flu type of symptoms.

The body aches and pain in the muscle, the headache, and the tightness of a tik that would accompany it for about one or two days. Slideshow throat and that’s more or less the majority.

Protect Ourself from Omicron
How to Protect Ourself from Omicron

According to the omicron virus, the symptoms are quite normal. Normal people cannot identify that they are infected with the omicron virus because of a normal cold or flu type of things, happen but the main thing is the sore throat if you complain of a sore throat you should directly contact your doctor.

Researchers are not sure about this new contagious variant so much right now. Doctors and scientists are working day and night to collect information regarding this virus as it can be more dangerous than the Delta virus or it can be less dangerous than the Delta virus.

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Till now there is no specific study that shows that only omicron is very dangerous or it is the same just like the Delta virus. Some doctors stated that if former coronavirus spread around the country and world it will create a big problem and the people will suffer.

The Major We Should Take to Protect Ourself From Omicron Virus are:

• As of covid-19 if we have to fight against the underground virus everyone should have very strong immunity that will help our body to fight against this virus more progressively.

• Doctor said that daily physical activity of 45 to 60 minutes is required, as it is very essential it gives our body fit and makes a stronger.

• Vitamin deficiency can lead to a very major problem if you are infected with an omicron, and we are living in an environment where anybody can infect by this virus. So vitamin deficiency should not take place. The doctor prescribed eating at least two balls of green vegetables every day.

• Vitamin D is very important for our body and to fight against this disease we should take sunbathe for 35 to 45 minutes every day.

• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds if you are not able to wash your hands with soap and water hand sanitizer is a good alternative for this.

• Avoid going to crowded places, plan outdoor activity when possible.

• Make sure that you are covering your face with a face mask. Make sure it covers both your nose and mouth. If surgical masks is not accessible a cotton cloth mask is a good alternative.

• Always keeps social distancing in mind maintained at least 6 ft distance between you and others.

• Never remove your mask while talking to someone and when you are outside the House.

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