How to Stay Hydrated: Why it’s Important?

How to Stay hydrated: Water is known as the elixir of life with good reason. Every system in our body needs it to survive. Drinking enough water a day is crucial for us it helps maintain our body temperature while keeping our joints lubricated, at the same time water is important to deliver nutrients into the cells and is required by all of our organs for cellular function.

Being well hydrated also improves the quality of our sleep and our nation but being properly hydrated is more than just drinking water.

Wet or nutritious

How to Stay hydrated
How to Stay hydrated

Drinking to get wet versus drinking to get nourished are two completely different things there is major difference hydration implies that you are not just getting wet but then you are getting the proper nutrition into yourself in fact the word to water means to actually grow and make healthy.

I Think hydration might not always come easy to a lot of people. I know that I definitely forget to drink water regularly and sometimes even go half a day without taking a sip of water. This can be terrible for not only your health but for your skin too.

Here are a Few Tips to Make Sure that you’re Keeping yourself Healthy and Hydrated:

Infused water

The main reason that I actually don’t like to drink water is that I hate that it to my favorite way to make it taste better is added in some fun flavors like watermelon cucumber lemon and mint. This makes it a much tastier way to quench your thirst.


Another great alternative to fusing Your water is that to drink fruit juices with high water content like watermelon juice or coconut water. You can even try drinking tea like green tea which will replenish your water supply and make you feel awake and alert as well.

This will not only ensure that you drink enough water but they’ll give you some added nutrients as well.

How to Stay hydrated: Water before food

Very often when you feel hungry at odd hours it’s likely that you are actually just thirsty so then the next time you are craving snacks drink a glass of water first. It will keep you hydrated and fill you up so it will prevent you from eating unnecessary snacks and will help you shed some kilos too.

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Transparent bottles

It’s easier to keep track of how much water you are drinking when you can actually see it. So invest in a glass water bottle or just repurpose any old glass bottle. This way you can see exactly how much water you have already had and having a Clear View of it might remind you to drink more often as well.

Make it fun

Let’s face it, for a lot of people water is just boring so make staying hydrated fun by splurging on a cute water bottle or some silly straws. These will surely have you reaching for them more often if it feels like a fun activity.

Set an alarm

Another reason lots of people find themselves dehydrated is that they simply forget to drink water and before you know it a day is over. If you are super busy or forgetful, set an alarm to repeat every hour to remind yourself that is time to rehydrate.


Finally, remember that what goes in does come out again. So remember to reply to your water supply every time you use the bathroom.

Make it a habit to drink a glass of water every time you use the bathroom to ensure that you are always staying hydrated.

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