How to Turn Off Aimbot in Fortnite?

How to Turn Off Aimbot in Fortnite? first of all, aimbot means the aim assist. You can either turn on or off the aim assist. It totally depends on you whether you want this feature to be On or turned Off. Yes playing with this feature gives different benefits and joy also. So if you guys want to turn it on or you have already turned it on we will recommend not to turn it off.

This feature is very helpful while playing the game. but some of the players may disagree with us and want to turn off the aim assist or aimbot. So if you guys want to turn on the aimbot This article is only for you. For more information about this topic read the article further.

Aim assist in the future which is included because players will get help with the help of it. Turning off the help assist may make the game difficult for some players. If all the buddies of yours want to turn it off and play the game then surely it will be very much fun. You have to follow the step-by-step procedure given below return of the aim assist.

Whether if someone has turned off I am assistant want to turn it on he or she may follow the process and turn the aim assist On. Just follow the step-by-step procedure and the Aimbot will be On.

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How to Turn Off Aimbot in Fortnite

How to Turn Off Aimbot in Fortnite?
How to Turn Off Aimbot in Fortnite

For the step-by-step procedure given below:

Step-1: Start the game on your device, enter the lobby.

Step-2: Press the options button which is present in the lobby.

Step-3: Now click on the Settings button and enter in the settings option.

Step-4: After entering in the setting option directly head to the sensitivity tab.

Step-5: click on the gear and controller option in the sensitivity tab.

Step-6: Now simply scroll down, you will find one option Aim Assist Strength.

Step-7: if you want to turn this feature of taking the percentage 100.

Step-8: (optional, if you want to turn off.):- if you want to turn this feature off take the percentage 0.

Step-9: If you are using the joystick, play the triangle button to apply the setting. If you want to go back press the circle button.

Note:- To do all these things make sure that you’re an advanced setting is On. If not then try to turn it on first.

I wish this article was helpful for you, following this procedure you can now turn on or turn off the Aimbot.

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