INDIA In or Out? Twenty 20 World Cup 2021

INDIA In or Out?

Is India in or Out of the T20 world cup? It is really heartbreaking to see our Indian team losing two matches back to back and reaching the doorstep to get knocked out from the World Cup. But as a diehard fan of the Indian team, I still wish for a miracle that could lead India to the semifinals.

Chance for India’s Qualify for Semifinals:

Let’s understand the opportunity available for our Indian team.

Pakistan is leading group 2 stages’ rank table and Afghanistan is not far behind it, followed by New Zealand.
Today there are 2 games from group 2 stages:-

One is New Zealand vs Scotland and the other one is INDIA vs Afghanistan.

The chances of New Zealand to qualify for the semifinals depend upon Afghanistan getting defeated by India.
Captain Kane Williamson will leave no stones unturned to make sure not only to defeat Scotland but also he
will be looking forward to winning, to increase his team’s NRR (net run rate), so as to increase his team’s
chances to qualify for the semis.

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Mohammed Nabi will Look Forward to Defeating the INDIAN Team

Both Afghanistan and New Zealand have lost 1 game each, but the NRR of Afghanistan (+3.097) is far
better than that of New Zealand (+.765).

As per the current performance, India looks exhausted mentally as well as physically. Although Afghanistan is performing well on the field, if it wins today’s match then the next team to face it off is New Zealand. So it’s an arduous road ahead for Afghanistan, to qualify for the semis.
INDIA has to brace itself for today’s win or lose match against Afghanistan.

If today, the INDIAN team defeats Afghanistan, there will still be chances for INDIA depending upon its performance in the next 2 games, against Scotland and Namibia, which are new to this World Cup. Although as per Namibia’s performance in yesterday’s matches this won’t be a cakewalk for INDIA.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for team INDIA to win. As a fan of the INDIAN cricket team, I still hope that we will win this World Cup despite INDIA standing at a knockout position.

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