International Men’s Day 2021 Best Wishes & Quotes

International Men’s Day 2021 is an annual international event that celebrated on 19 November every year’s. One of the biggest objectives of celebrating International Men’s Day, that celebrated on 19th November. “The six pillars of International Men’s Day” has well defined. Include focusing on men’s and boys health, improving gender relations, promoting gender quality, and highlight male role models.

International Men’s Day is celebrating every year on the 19th of November. The basic objective of the event is to promote one and only human values. The men’s day celebrate in the many countries of the world.

Celebration of International Men’s Day in India has been started for 13 years already. For the first time it was celebrated in the year 2007. If we talk about the global level, then it started in 1998 in Trinidad and Tobago.Dr.

Jerome Tilak Singh had thought of celebrating Men’s Day by appreciating the contribution of men. He was the first to celebrate World Men’s Day on his father’s birthday. It’s started by Dr. Jerome by initiating International Men’s Day and also since then it has been celebrating every year.

International Men's Day 2021
International Men’s Day 2021

Let us now have a look at some International Men’s Day Quotes. with which you can wish anyone for International men’s day 2021.

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Men’s day 2021 Wishes

1. A man does not feel pain. believing the proverb to be true, That age hides its pain, he is also a man.happy men’s day.

2. In the holy time of men’s day this is good message come every day in your life taking happiness special with best wishes happy men’s day.

3. God has made this picture of pity for life He bears every sorrow of the children on his own. We call the living statue of that God father. happy men’s day.

4. Keep the lamps lit and sparkling you always smile As long as there is life.

this is our prayer May you keep shining like the moon of Eid Happy men’s day to all of you

5. Happiness is always with you never be empty from all of us wish you happy international men’s day.

6. For the gift of prayers from the depths of the heart by moonlight flowers on paper just three words for you happy men’s day.

7.Gul has sent Gulshan to Gulfam The stars have sent a salute from the sky Happy “Men’s Day” to you We sent you this message happy men’s day.

8. A good man is one who, accept your mistakes, Learn to forgive and love Help those who need it. Happy International Men’s Day.

9.Today is a very special day for men, And I want to thank them, whom I love the most, One is my father and the other is my dear brother.

10.God created men, so that they can follow those teachings, which is based on love and respect, Only then the earth will be able to become like heaven for all. Happy International Men’s Day.

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