iPhone 14 Release Date and Features


iPhone 14 Release Date and Features: Apple has always come with surprises and in the upcoming year again they are coming with a new variant of their smartphone iPhone 14. According to some rumors or sources, it came to know that company had made tremendous changes in the new phone.

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iPhone 14 Release Date and Features

Apple is always best in every aspect. So if wanna buy this new phone and want to know clearly about the whole features and release date then you had visited on right page here.

We will give you the complete information regarding the features and release date of the iPhone 14. We will give you the complete information regarding the phone. The new add-ups and changes etc. Read the article till last to get full of it:

No Notch

Notch was part of the iPhone from the X series but now the company had decided to remove the notch from the new variant and introduce the punch-hole design in the display. It will be the biggest change in the variant which will impact the look of the phone or we say redesigning. It will also impact the FACE ID.

Touch ID

There are some reports that Apple will provide an in-display Touch ID in the iPhone. There can be further progress also but Touch ID will change with little difference.

No Camera Bump

We always see a camera bump in all the phones of Apple but they hadn’t decided to forego this trend by making it level to the back.

It simply means that the phone will be thicker than the usual thickness of former ones.

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Port Less

Apple is strategizing itself over years to make portless phones. This time there will be no lightning ports and they are planning to make it completely wireless but probably it will come in higher models of iPhone 14. It will also be the major changeup in iPhone.

Screen Sizes

There are different sizes of iPhones and it occurs in iPhone 12 and 13 variants. But this year the company has decided to not launch a mini version of the iPhone. Because they had less market as expected by the company. So they decided to launch four variants in two sizes one of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.


Apple always launches its smartphone. It will launch in mid of the next year. Price is not revealed but can estimate to be 800-900 dollars.

This is the full detail iPhone 14 release and feature.

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