Is India Ready For the Third Wave?

Is India ready for the third wave? The first wave was unexpectedly mild, while the second one caused sheer devastation and now also, only 20% of the Indian population is fully vaccinated against covid 19 as per the topmost recent data of union health ministry.

More than a year and a half have passed since the pandemic hit the world yet survival seems to be difficult. In September 2020 the covid cases reached their peak. from February there was a sharp rise in cases.

A current study is trying to figure out what the upcoming omicron seems to be like in the world, yet some of the countries have seen the face of the third wave of covid.

Fear of People:

People are more scared of the fact that they will be facing new challenges with the upcoming wave including lack of enough pediatric covid care facilities, infrastructure in rural areas, and shortage of specific medicines, some of them are also afraid of being homeless, facing migration, becoming emotionally low.

Irregular supply of oxygen in hospitals was the major cause during the peak of covid, causing a great loss to the lives of millions.

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Case History of Covid-19


Is India Ready For the Third Wave
Is India Ready For the Third Wave?

In January 2020, the first case of the corona was found. The Indian government has enough time for the outlay in covid wards, PPE kit, ventilators, oxygen cylinders,s and beds for the patients.

There is also a large zonal dissimilarity in the accessibility of deep pockets between states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat. Due to the sudden rise up in the cases, states with enough resources are at knifepoint.

Incapacity of the government in controlling the pandemic results in the failure of the healthcare system in India.

But as reported Indian government stated that this time they are more prepared than earlier. One of the best measures and all the precautions are in procedure to fight against covid-19 third wave.

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Here are some Data Guarding the Preparation for Covid-19 Third Wave:

– There is an increase in supported beds to 416,947 beds from April 2021.

– Followed by supported beds there is a slight change in the numbers of isolation beds from 10,180 to 1.8 million in March 2021.

– ICU beds have also increased to124,589 from 2,168 in March 2020.

– According to reports the testing capacity is increased by two million from 30,000 in April 202.

The government has declared that all the states are ready and preparing for the upcoming wave. However, critics say that the government’s warning on a third covid-19 wave is aimed to save from further embarrassment.

Is India Ready For the Third Wave?

Now more and more states are ramping up their pediatric section, and also the government is trying to be hurrying up the process of vaccination of the children as they were the ones to be less affected in the past 1st and second wave.

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