Daily Item Shop Disabled Now in Fortnite

Daily Item Shop Disabled now in Fortnite. As there were rumors for a long time, the daily section will be going to disable an item shop. The recent Delhi section in the item shop is considering 6 cosmetics. It is including the Travis Scott Emote. Basically, this is music emote. Actually, Fortnite kids schedule and plan for the contents of the item shop for each month in advance.

So currently pic games have made two changes in the item shops. This was done after 2 hours of the update process of the item shop. They completely remove the daily section from the item shop. With the daily section, they also remove the out waste Emote.

Daily Item Shop Disabled in Fortnite

Currently, we are not knowing the reason for the removal of this daily item section. But as per their official Twitter, they are saying that it will be ee coming again in the next items shop updation. As per all the records, this is for the first time that the daily section has been disabled from the item shop.

In the history of Fortnite, this is happening for the first time. On the official Twitter account of Fortnite, we can see the official tweet by their side. In this tweet we can clearly see that, they are announcing to disable the daily section from the item shop.

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List of Items in Daily Section.

  1. The first item was a guitar walk worth 500 V bucks.
  2. The second item was Safari worth 1200 V bucks.
  3. The third item watch surf rider worth 1200 V bucks.
  4. The fourth item was out of waste, worth 500 V bucks.
  5. The fifth item is vibin’ worth 500 V bucks.
  6. The sixth item is Get loose worth 200 V bucks.
Daily Item Shop is Disabled in Fortnite
Daily Item Shop Disabled in Fortnite

So these are some of the favourite items, that were present in the item shop daily section. So as it is disabled now you will not see all the items in the item shop.

However, Epic Games has not revealed anything about the reason for the removal of the daily section from the item shop. Travis Scott is actually having a long history with the Battle Royale games. On Friday there was a deadly accident in Houston Texas. Near about 8 people were died in this accident. So the Travis Scott was performing onstage during the Astroworld festival.

Hope so this article was helpful for you. For all the latest updates about Fortnite, Free Fire BGMI, and PUBG stay tuned with us. As soon as we will get any of the updates regarding all the stuff going around in Fortnite we will inform you. Till then we have to wait a little longer for the upcoming updates.

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