How to Make the Battery Life of Smartphone Better

Smartphone technology has seen rapid changes in the past few years. If you say, really revolutionary changes have come. Everything is changing every quarter so much that one has to buy a separate smartphone to remember.

Let’s see How to make the battery life of smartphones better.

What are the tips for better battery life
What are the tips for better battery life

Life of Battery and Technology

Technology has changed and advanced as well but there is one thing which has improved but the expectations from it are much higher. No matter how many claims the smartphone company can make that such a battery will last, but we know the ground reality.

What can we do in such a way that the battery of the smartphone lasts longer and also lasts longer? Apart from the traditional method like turning off background refresh, there are many ways that can help you with this.

According to, a lithium-ion battery has a lifespan of about 300-500 cycles or two to three years on a full charge cycle. The charge cycle means from zero to 100% and then coming to zero. Here is the basic information about the battery. Now it’s time to improve the health of your battery.

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Charging Habits for Good Battery Life

Charging habits carry a lot in themselves and the overall lifespan of the battery also rests on it. The slow charge has its advantages and fast has its disadvantages. A slow charge is beneficial for the health of the battery in the long term but you will not like it.

Smartphones nowadays come with fast charging, so use it properly. Meaning doesn’t keep it overnight but charges it when needed. When to charge it is done, now know how much to do. Between 20 percent to 80 percent.

Do not wait till the phone’s battery is zero, charge whenever it is around 20% and if not really necessary, charge only up to 80 percent. The cycle thing mentioned above is useful here, by doing this the cycle of the battery is completed comfortably and the lifespan also increases.

the battery life of smartphone
the battery life of smartphone

Recent Apps or Apps Killer

We all do this, that is to run fingers and close all the apps. If you thought that you showed intelligence, then it is not so because whenever you open that app by doing this, it will start again from the beginning.

Means RAM, CPU will all take power which will affect the battery. Don’t stop because now smartphones have become so smart that they know which app is being used and which is not.

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Your love dog or any other favorite photo that appears first on opening the phone is the biggest enemy of the battery. If possible, keep black wallpaper and look amazing.

If you are not able to do this, then at least use the wallpaper which has more black color. Today’s phone screen turns off those LED points where black color is used.

Refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate the more butter the display. Smartphones with displays equipped with 90, 120, 144 Hz refresh rates have started coming. Do you know that this refresh rate eats up the battery as well? Now all you have to do is if you don’t need a high refresh rate all the time then keep it at 60 Hz and more when needed, the effect on the battery will be clearly visible.

Auto brightness to Improve Battery Life

This is a wonderful feature, just put it on auto mode and get rid of worry, but this auto mode also consumes a lot of battery. In auto mode, when you are in the sun, the brightness becomes full and when you are inside, it is low.

You turn it off and set it manually. If you have your own phone then you get an idea of ​​how much brightness you need.

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Unwanted apps

If you are using a smartphone, then you do not know how many apps you must have installed which may not have been used more than once. Delete and if you want to keep then use the app hibernation feature.

Nowadays it happens on every phone, whatever the name may be. It removes unused apps from the phone but keeps your information and data. Re-install when needed.

Gaming mode

Most of the battery is used while playing the game, so play the game with gaming mode. This is also a native feature of almost every phone nowadays, which turns off notifications and other activities while playing the game, which directly affects the battery.


The thing is that there is a direct relationship between the phone’s battery and temperature. It may have happened to you that you have left your phone in the open sun and when you return, the phone is turned off and it is written on the screen that the temperature was high.

Take note of the temperature, especially while charging. Do not charge the phone in a place like a kitchen where the temperature can rise a lot at times or the open balcony of Kashmir where the temperature is low.

Charger and Cable

One rule is that charges the phone only and only with the charger and cable that came with the phone, not with any other charger. If you need another charger, as you travel, then buy the charger of the same company and your phone only.

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Network and Location

It must have happened to you that when you travel by train, the battery of the phone speaks quickly. There is no hand of railway minister or railway employee in this, but it happens because of constantly searching the network of your phone.

The phone searches the network and the battery drains. What to do, whether on the train or in a place where the network is difficult to get, is keep the flight mode on.

Keep location off or go to settings and enable only for those apps for which your location is really useful. An app like Weather does not care about the location of your home as it gives the temperature of the city. But turning on location definitely keeps eating your phone’s battery.

Power Saving Mode To Improve Battery Life

You say that you have given so much knowledge, but we knew this. You are right, but our point is that you only have to use the native power-saving mode that comes with the phone. Don’t have to think about third-party apps at all.

Know one thing that the phone company provides what is necessary to run the phone’s system and the battery is part of the phone’s system, then use the power saving mode that comes with the phone’s software and third-party apps for this work. Don’t even think about it.

Software Update

It is very important for your phone to be running on the latest version of the software. A new version does not mean a new version update of Android or iOS, as they usually come once a year.

Update means that the smartphone company gives system updates from time to time, you have to keep updating it regularly.

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