Mandatory Helmets for Children: Road Safety

The helmet will be necessary for children. Speed limits will be fixed. These rules will be applicable. Let’s see full rules and regulations regarding mandatory helmets for children.

Keeping in view the safety of children on the road, the central government is going to make some strict rules. While there are already many rules for the safety of children in the car. Now, they are also introducing safety rules for 2-wheelers.

Many measures are already in place for the safety of children in the car. But now the central government is going to make such safety rules related to 2 wheelers very soon, which will further strengthen the future of the country, that is, the safety of children on the road.

Nitin Gadkari and MRTH

Nitin Gadkari

After it becomes mandatory for women to wear helmets. The government is now going to make helmets mandatory for children on 2-wheelers. The Central Government has proposed to amend the rules for this in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released a draft of the rules to know the opinion of the common people.  These rules will come into force once approved.

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Rules and Regulations to Make Helmets Mandatory for Children

Mandatory Helmets for Children

Helmet rules for children will get implement by the end of 2022. After the rule of wearing helmets for children is mandatory. If a child between 9 months and 4 years old is riding on a 2-wheeler. Then that child will be given a crash helmet or bicycle. It will be mandatory to wear the accompanying helmet. The government will decide the standard of this helmet.

Speed Limits and Punishments

The car has to drive at the speed of 40. If you are riding a 2-wheeler with a child, then the speed limit will also have to be taken care of. In this situation, the limit of your bike or scooter cannot exceed 40 mph. According to the proposed rules, for violating this, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000, as well as the driving license can be seized for three months.

Children will have to Wear ‘Safety Harness’

Not only this, but the government also proposes to make safety harnesses mandatory for children on 2-wheelers. The safety harness is like an adjustable jacket with straps that attach the child to the driver. The standard for this will be decided by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Because these safety harnesses need to be light in weight, waterproof, and durable. It should be able to lift a weight of up to 30 kg.

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