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Navratri Saptami NauPatrika Pooja Importance and Colour

Navratri Saptami NauPatrika Pooja Importance and Colour. – Hello guys on 12th October 2021 there is Saptami in Navratri. Saptami in Navratri always there different importance in all the nine days. Saptami is celebrated in the month of Ashwin. Ashwin is the month as per the Hindu calendar. On the 7th day of Shukla paksha in Ashwin month, Saptami is celebrated. This year the Saptami falls on 12th October. So if you want to know about Saptami more read the article further.

Durga Navratri 2021

The period of shardiya Navratri is going towards an end slowly. On 12th October today is Maha Saptami. Which is referred to as the seventh day of this all 9 Ratris. As we all know Navratri is celebrated in Bengal Gujarat and Maharashtra on large scale. But maha Saptami has different importance in Bengal culture. On this day the Puja of “NauPatrika” should be done. Nav Patrika means Nine Leaves. All the things in Hindu culture are anomaly related to nature. So the pooja of “NauPatrika” is important for this day.

 Saptami Muhurt (Time) For NauPatrika Pooja

This NauPatrika Puja is on Saptami. As told earlier Saptami is on the 12th of October 2021 this year. So from the 11th of October at 11:52, Saptami will be starting. And it will be ending till 09:49 of 12th of October. If you want the detailed timing for this Pooja please refer to panchang. Panchang will give you the details about the muhurt of this Pooja. You can do this pooja in between all the days of Saptami. Doing NauPatrika on Mahasaptami is important and gives blessings from Devi Mata Rani.

How to Do this Mahasaptami NauPatrika Pooja?

Navratri Saptami NauPatrika Pooja Importance and Colour

The NauPatrika Puja is on Mahasaptami of Navratri. This Pooja starts with the holy bath. Holy bath means Pavitra Snan. This Pavitra Snan on the day of MahaSaptami is also referred to as Mahasnan. As per the Hindu tradition, one has to put the mirror in front of the image of Durga Mata. And has to give bath to the mirror. This process is referred to as Maha Snan on Maha Saptami.

As we are using the nine types of leaves in this Pooja. All the leaves should be tie to each other with the yellow thread. All these Nine lives represent the Nine Roops of Maa Durga. After the Mahasnan this now please decorate NauPatrika in the saree of red colour having a white border. You have to cover all the leaves with the layer of Sindoor on them. The most important thing you should know while doing the Pooja is you have to keep the idol of Lord Ganesha on the left side. With all the pooja samagri you have to continue with Pooja for all full and Punya prapti.

Which Colour to Wear on Saptami?

Devotees should wear red colour on Saptami. Saptami is on the 12th of October 2021. So, Red colour refers to to the significance of beauty and fearlessness. Ladies can wear red kurta and sarees also.

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So this was all about Navratri Saptami NauPatrika Pooja Importance and Colour.

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