New Anna Character in BGMI and PUBG

New Anna Character in BGMI and PUBG. After a huge wait of near about 1 year. Finally, it is said that the new character may arrive at PUBG and BGMI. All the BGMI and PUBG players are already excited about the new character from the last year. Finally, we are getting some updates that new characters can arrive in PUBG and BGMI.

So in today’s article, we will discuss the new vertical arriving. We will try to get all the details about this character. Get more information about the topic read the article further.

As the new update is arriving in the BGMI, many of the players have already installed it. So we guys can see various changes in the lobby also. Most of the things will look exciting in this new update. To find this new character you have to click on the inventory button in the lobby.

After taking the inventory button you can click on the character button. You may see various characters there. When our technical team was trying to get details about the character Greece or the character name in Chinese. We try translating the name and it was Anna. So this is a new character arriving at BGMI i.e. New Anna Character in BGMI.

New Anna Character in BGMI And PUBG

New Anna Character in PUBG and BGMI
New Anna Character in BGMI

So this New Anna Character in BGMI is arriving at PUBG and BGMI soon. You just have to wait till the next update and this character will be in-game. As per the name we are unable to predict anything about the character. But the background story of this character looks quite interesting. The background story of this character seems romantic. There is a chance that this character may be a female character.

In the story, we could know that anna was from Australia. Father was an investigating officer just like the detectives. Her father has exposed some sort of illegal company on the same Island which they were living. After exposing this company the investigation suddenly stops and his father is lost somewhere. But he left one of the notebooks of him which is very precious.

So this is the story behind this character. We have got this much detail about the upcoming character in BGMI and PUBG. This character may arrive in the upcoming update. The story for this character looks quite interesting and exciting also. We know you guys are very eager for this character. Don’t worry as soon as our technical team will receive any update we will try to share it with you people.

The outfit emotes and many more cosmetics may come with this character. So guys please wait for this the character gives you Goosebumps. As soon as we will receive the first look at the character we will definitely share it with you.

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