Omicron Cases Worldwide: Variant of Concern

Omicron Cases Worldwide: The countries around the world are crossing their water in an effort to. Top spread of coronavirus new variant omicron. That’s despite WHO saying to keep the borders open and focusing on testing and detecting.


Japan had a new country to bring in the new restriction, banning all foreign arrival starting Tuesday, Morocco unbound all the foreign flights. Israel is temporarily banning all the arrivals.

Other countries:

Omicron Cases Worldwide
Omicron Cases Worldwide

Same as us Indonesia, Australia, and the United Kingdom also ban the entries from Southern Africa. All while the world is still battling with Delta variant.


The Netherlands has recorded cases of omicron.

For example

In Germany, with some hospitals at capacity, the German Army is transferring covid-19 patients around the country to any Hospital with a free bed. Now Germany also has confirmed a case of omicron.

To slow the variant, the world is going back to family are measured like curfew Travels assistant testing and tracking. But one important tool has not been fully utilized: vaccination.

Message from South Africa:

On the other side of a quarter, a message South Africa is calling on its people to get vaccinated. Was first detected in South Africa full stop little to nothing is known about the new variant for infectious and dangerous it is to stop but since its Discovery e slides from the part of the world have been canceled or delayed.

Travel bags have been imposed on several Southern African countries. And tourists are struggling to get home. The manufacturer says they have plans in place to adapt their vaccines, if necessary, but first, they need to learn more about the omicron variant.

The number of confirmed cases around the globe is still small but it’s growing and in a lot of places on the lowest added to the list is Spain.

Government Around the World are scrambling to stop the transmission of a new contagious covid-19 variant, Omicron.

Following are the list of cases that have been Identified in many countries:

Omicron Cases Worldwide
Omicron Cases Worldwide Map

1. Botswana – 19

2. Ghana – 34

3. Mozambique – 2

4. Nigeria – 3

5. South Africa – infections spreading in seven of nine provinces

6. Zimbabwe – unspecified number of cases

7. Brazil – 3

8. Canada – 10

9. United States -10

10. Australia – 9

11. Japan – 2

12. India -2

13. Malaysia – 1

14. Singapore – 2

15. South Korea – 6

16. Sri Lanka – 1

17. Austria – 1

18. Denmark -13

19. Finland – 1

20. France – 2

21. Germany – 7

22. Greece – 1

23. Iceland – 1

24. Ireland- 1

25. Netherland – 14

26. Italy – 1

27. Norway – 5

28. Portugal -13

29. Spain – 5

30. Sweden – 6

31. Switzerland – 2

32. the United Kingdom -42

33. Israel -3

34. United Arab Emirates – 1

35. Saudi Arabia – 1

Following countries mention above, cases are increasing day by day. It’s becoming a matter of concern for scientists and researchers.

Other studies regarding Omicron Cases Worldwide:

As of now the symptoms of this contagious virus are excessive tiredness. No other symptoms are found as of now. According to reports patients are recovering by normal isolation and proper medication.


Worldwide studies are undergoing to explore more and more details about the new variant of coronavirus, omicron. Scientists are working day and night to help the Nations.

People are requested to stay at home and get vaccinated. So that the danger of being infected will be less. Eat healthily, stay home, stay safe, wear a mask as now India also have cases of Omicron.

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