Online Gaming will be Taxed in India: Is it True?

Online Gaming will be Taxed in India: The number of users of online gaming is increasing in India. The fever of online gaming is spreading very fast among all. It has become a disease. More than 43 crore users of India have come under the grip of online gaming.

Many side effects of online gaming can be clearly seen. Now the Government of India has decided to impose this tax to ban online gaming. The government believes that now it can be controlled only by taxing online gaming.

Online gaming has become a trap that has gripped children all over the world. All the children playing online games are facing a lot of problems at the health level. Apart from this, many cases of fraud are also coming out from online games. In view of all these problems, the demand for taxation of online gaming in India is increasing very fast to stop it.

Online gaming will be Taxed in India
Online gaming will be Taxed in India

The demand for tax on online gaming in India has been made by a member of BJP in Rajya Sabha and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi along with him. Together they raised this issue during the proceedings of the winter session in the House. As a result of this, Modi has demanded from the central government to impose taxes and enact a law to control online gaming.

Gaming Time Doubled When Online gaming will be Taxed in India?

Raising the issue of taxing online gaming, Sushil Modi gave his statement. He said that online gaming has become a major concern. Today, crores of youth are in the grip of online gaming. Before the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, children did not spend much time on mobile games.

But since then the addiction to online gaming has caught in children. He cannot be released so easily. Today all the nine jawans of the country, more than 42 crore people are playing online games. It is very important to control it. Otherwise, this figure will keep on increasing.

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Modi’s Opinion about Online Games

Regarding online games, Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the craze of online gaming among the youth of the country has increased very fast since the lockdown.

He said that to check the growing addiction to online gaming, we had banned online games in many states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. But the High Courts there related to these states did not accept this law.

And it was also rejected. He said that if online games are to be controlled. So for this, we have to prepare a comprehensive framework. And the government should impose a tax on online games. If this is not done, then we will not be able to stop crores of thousands of children of the country from this bad habit of online games.

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