Padma Shri Tulsi Gowda: Everything you must know About Her!

Bare feet, Traditional Dhoti, from farm to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Journey to gain respect Tulsi Gowda works for the environment. The 77 years old strong woman from Karnataka was awarded by Padma Shri.

Some people worship Tulsi in the forests. Also called an encyclopedia. And have a great understanding of the forest.

Tulsi Gowda

Who is Tulsi Gowda

Tulsi has been active for the past 6 decades. Has planted more than 30,000 saplings. According to some media reports. When Tulsi was 2 years old. Then her father walked away from the world The oath journey started at the age of 70 by working with a mother related to trees and plants in the nursery.

Even after retirement, she continues. In such a world, leaders are trying to save the precious earth. And exposing the differences in the words of knowledgeable leaders of Earth. The story of Tulsi in a village in India and respect.

Tulsi Gowda as a Botanist

In a report published in the Deccan Herald, local people have been told that Tulsi was active in 1 plantation program of the Forest Department. Looking at her work, Department, regularized their services.

Tulsi Gowda retired after working for 14 years. Her pension is his only source of livelihood. She has complete knowledge about every type of plant she has grown.

Tulsi Gowda as a Botanist

About their benefits and how much water they need. She gave information about everything. She has as much knowledge as a botanist would have. Tulsi was born in a financially weak family.

Constantly working to spread awareness among people about the conservation of forests. She is a Halki tribe in Karnataka. She lost her loving father at just 2 years of age. Due to poverty, In childhood, she was unable to get an education. And had to do daily wage work with her mother.

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What we should learn from Padma Shri Gowda?

In her entire life, Tulsi Gowda has always worked for others. Today like her we can help others. Something we want can become the needs of others. Have you ever thought the sleepers and the shoes you wear by which you are able to walk can become the needs of others?

The thing you can buy two, someone even can’t buy it once. Consider yourself the luckiest one because many are just walk barefoot. The value of anything is known only to those who do not have it. So get up, yes get up now.

This time buy one more pair of shoes or slippers not for yourself but for those who needed. Help them not just because you can buy once more but for the reason that you are in the position to help others. She was married at a young age. But within a few years, her husband also died, after that she took care of herself. Today her life is inspirational for all, also for old age people.

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