Poland vs Belarus: Europe Refugee Crises

Imagine a country using thousands of poor, helpless people as weapons, against another. Something similar is happening in Europe nowadays. It happening on the border between Poland and Belarus i.e Europe Refugee Crises.

Belarus’s dictator invited thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq. And they dumped them in the forest and near Poland’s border.

Poland vs Belarus
Poland vs Belarus

Belarus and Europe

They gave them wire cutters and told them. If they want to survive they did have to cut the wires of the border. And go into Poland on its other side. Europe Refugee Crises, the EU members have each declared a State of Emergency along their border. Belarus is waging a hybrid war using migrants as a weapon.

Belarus used to be part of the Soviet Union once time. In 1991, Belarus got independence and later it came to be known as the Republic of Belarus. On the map, you will see that it is a landlocked country. You know, Lithuania and Latvia in the Northside, Russia in Eastside, Ukraine in Southside and Poland in the west all these things.

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Dictator Belarus

It is important to note in regard to European Refugee Crises that Poland, Latvia, Lithuania are in the European Union. And it means other European union countries all are western European Union countries.

Belarus does not share any of the borders with them. And there is no such borders control. Just Some months ago, groups of thousands of refugees were getting out of war-torn countries. You will surprise, like people from Afghanistan escaping the Taliban or leaving Syria because of the civil war.

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Many times from countries like Congo where the situation is horrible. All of them just started coming into Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Allegedly, they were then transported to the borders of the European Union (Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia) via taxis, buses, or other vehicles.

And often, human smugglers helped them to cross the border illegally. A few weeks later, you will be surprised all these things are also reported. That online advertising on social media was used by some people to claim that the route of Belarus had opened up.

Russia’s Involvement in Poland vs Belarus

In the entire situation, Poland has blamed Russia as well. Because while the European Union is trying to economically isolate Belarus. You know that Russia has become Belarus’s biggest and the most importantly also political and economic partner in Europe. Although Russia denies playing any role in this regard or issue.

In concern of European Refugee Crises, the Kremlin spokesperson has challenged the  European Union to provide financial assistance to Belarus.

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