Problems of Indian Education System and Their Solutions

Problems of the Indian Education System and Their Solutions: There are only two things missing in the Indian education system is Education and system. Why do people complain about our Indian education system? Problems that are faced by students as well teachers. Let’s know the loopholes of the Indian Education system.

Indian Education System

Rat Race: The Unpleasant Life of the Student

In the world, every seventh people is Indian. What if 130 crores Indian discover their lives. Indian will absolutely limitless and unbelievable. They say God has made humans with purpose. But our education system doesn’t help us find this purpose. Instead, it makes students part of a rat race. But what is this rat race? The rat race is that race where winners get nothing but the satisfaction to be ahead of losers.

When the foundation of our thinking is based on comparison then the structure we built will always be weak. Today students are frustrated, to escape to this frustration. They find better opportunities and many talented students go abroad and leave the country.

Unpleasant Life of the Student

Solution: Unpleasant to Pleasant

Now what we can do to solve this problem? A teacher should be a gardener rather than a jailer.  Each plant has to treat differently. Some grow indoor and some outdoor. And some plants require less attention and more freedom. Some are fussy and need extra care. That like every child should be handled differently.

Moreover, parents should not compare their children with other children. Meanwhile, they should support them. Also, give them full support. Also, students should not do timepass. There must be some subject in which you are interested.

Unpleasant to Pleasant

Rote Learning of Students

According to reports, 80% of engineers are unemployable. It means after becoming an engineer and spending 4 years in college. The demand of the industry is not met by the graduate students.

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Solution: Understanding of Subjects

The new education policy is very promising. Maybe this issue will be outdated for future generations of students. But it is important that students and teachers prioritize knowledge. Not the type you forget after the exam. But the kind of paper which helps in our personal growth.

Missing Education and Lack of Sportsmanship

No matter your field, but there are some we need to do. How do we write a good email? How to express our thoughts and emotions. These are things missing from our school syllabus. Also, do we need to learn how to deal with failure? How to handle the pressure? How to face challenges?

Solution: Boring to Entertainment

The teacher will have to make subjects entertaining. We all know one teacher in our life that we always remember even after we finish school or college. There is something unique in their teaching method. There need just 1% extra enthusiasm, interest, jokes, and laughter. All these transform a subject from medicine to treat.

We need to teach sports education, if not competitively then at least practically to s students. A nonsports teacher can adopt it in the classroom. Parents should allow playtime for children as a playground can teach more than a classroom. And these are the problems and their solutions in our Indian education system.

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