PUBG New State Technical Test: Releasing on November 11 2021

PUBG New State Technical Test: Releasing on November 11, 2021. Hello guys, currently our technical team of First Universal News has received some updates. These updates are about the technical test of PUBG New State. In some of the upcoming days, KRAFTON  will be running a technical test of PUBG New State. As per the information sources, this test will take place in about 25 countries. And the game is all set to release in near about 200 countries. Show in the upcoming time you can also get a chance to be a part of a technical test of PUBG New State. If it is so don’t miss the chance.

As we all know PUBG is one of the most played Battle Royale games. Due to its realistic graphics, it is having a different fan base among the players. The Pubg developer always keeps adding the new features in the game after the regular intervals. This helps the game to stay interesting, unlike other games. Generally, various events take place in PUBG to keep the players entertaining and to maintain their interest in the game.

This time KRAFTON is coming with the new title. This new title is Pubg: new state. As per our information, the PUBG New State will be released on the 11th of November. Many of the PUBG players are already very eager for the release of this new title. Everyone is curious to see the new features and the increased realistic graphics quality. This launch announcement was done by KRAFTON itself. On October 22nd, 2021, during one showcase event, KRAFTON announced this announcement. Earlier the release of the new state was announced in February 2021.

Pubg New State Technical Test: Important Information

Pubg New State Technical Test

Near about, more than 3 months players were waiting for this new title that is PUBG New State. Now their wait has been over, finally new status coming on the 11th of November 2021. All the PUBG players will finally receive the experience of this newly designed game. The most interesting thing about the announcement is pre-registration. Pubg New State is crossing 50 million + registrations on both Android and IOS.

India the upcoming days the developer will be conducting the technical test in more than 25 countries. As the game will be releasing in in 200 countries this is necessary. As per some information we have received from our technical team that this test can be conducted in the last week of October. The possible dates are 29 October and 30 October.

This game is additional coming with some of the new features. This game will be available in 17 different languages all over the world. And the good news for Indian fans is that the game will be released on the same date in India also. But with this good news, we want to tell you that a technical test is not going to happen in India. This game will include new and upgraded weapons, vehicles, advanced gameplay techniques, and improvements in visual performance. So stay excited for or the release of this game.

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