Sideways Weapon in Fortnite: Survive Storm Circle While Carrying It

Sideways Weapon in Fortnite

Survive Storm Circle While Carrying the Sideways Weapon in Fortnite. After a lot of waiting, finally, the cube queen is there in Fortnite. There is one mission to survive the storm circle in her punch card questline. You guys have to complete this mission. To complete this mission you have to survive the storm circle. Not only to survive the storm circle but also to carry the sideways weapon while surviving. So this mission may look easy, but it is not that easy kind.

We will provide you with all the required information to complete this mission. So don’t worry we are going to help you out with this. Finding the side of his weapon is one of the most difficult things in this challenge. And surviving in the storm circle is also a little bit complicated.

How to Find the Sideways Weapon in Fortnite

To find the Sideways weapon, you have to land at the appropriate place. While landing open the Map and search for the sideways area. As soon as you find the side with the area tries to land down there. When you are in the side with area find some sideways chests. In this just there is you just that you can find the sideways weapon.

You can use any of the sideways weapons no doubt! But still, we recommend you to use the sideways rifle. If you are having this side with a rifle you can also complete another mission. To get the headshot of the player with a sideways rifle. You can complete this mission if you are having the sideways rifle so prefer the Sideways rifle only.

How to Survive the Storm Circle while Carrying the Sideways Weapon

If you guys want the best reward out of this mission, which is the cube queen outfit. You have to complete a total of 5 storm circles. Yes, you are right you have to complete a total of five storm circles while carrying the sideways weapon. If you survive a total of 5 storm circles, but you are not caring about the sideways weapon in one of them it should not be considered. For instance please carry a sideways weapon.

When you pick up the Sideways Weapon equip it. After equipping directly head in the storm circle. Survive the five storm circles and unlock the new cube queen outfit. There are various other cosmetics that you can also unlock. But for unlocking other cosmetics you have to complete all the other missions as well.

Hope this information was helpful for you, this information will help you in completing the mission. As you have collected all the required information just directly go to the game and complete the mission.

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